20 Things Only Women With A Chubby Tummy Will Understand

20 Things Only Women With A Chubby Tummy Will Understand

Some of us, as cursed, nay blessed with a chubby tummy that is soft and round and hangs out with you all the time. A little bit like a pet koala. While others might not understand what that is like, those of us who do, know that it can be good and bad, depending on what’s going on with it. Here are 20 things that only women with a chubby tummy will understand.

1. For The Love Of Tights.

Your tights always stay up, because you can pull them up above your belly, which means they won’t fall down just because you bend over or sit down.

2. Sit Ups Are Not Just Fun, They Are Funny.

Every time you do a sit-up, your tummy flops around and goes in, in a remarkably adorable, but chuckle-inducing way.

3. You Know You Have Hidden Treasure.

That moment when you lie on your back, and your tummy is all flat and you feel remarkably good about yourself, but then you turn onto your side, and it all just comes out. And lies beside you, like a pillow, or that annoying buddy that you love anyway.

4. Bikinis Are An Impossibility.

The only ones that will actually fit you, are the ones that are in the style of 50s pinup girls. All the others will draw attention to places that you don’t want eyes on. Unless you don’t care, of course. Then it’s all good.

5. Jeans, Are Either The Best Or The Worst.

You always have to lift jeans above your belly before you sit. Otherwise, it just feels like your life is being squeezed out of you. Also, high waist jeans can be the most comforting and flattering piece of clothing to wear, until you start looking like you’re wearing an oversized diaper.

6. Also, Sitting In Jeans Leaves A Mark.

There is that annoying red line that runs across your belly if you’ve been sitting for an extended period of time during the day, which makes it look like you were wearing a medieval torture device and not just casual clothing.

7. Certain Clothing Always Leads To Awkward Questions.

Smocked dresses and other loose clothing that accentuates that tummy usually leads to people asking when you’re due. To give birth, of course, not for your next ramp walk. Because of the belly.

8. Pets And Children And Even Some Adults Love You.

Because your tummy is so soft and comfortable, it makes a lovely cushion for pets and children to rest on. Even fully grown adults probably wouldn’t say no to resting their heads on such a warm, plush surface.

9. The Jelly Belly Jiggle You Put Up With.

Running down the stairs always makes your belly jiggle like a bowl full of jelly. But why down the stairs? Running anywhere, and at any speed, always induces the weird but familiar sensation of a floppy tummy.

10. You Secretly Know You Love It.

You might grumble about it, you might say you hate it, you might even try to get rid of it. But that belly makes you who you are, and you know, that no matter what, you actually secretly love it. It’s like an old friend that has been with you through all the trials of life, and that you hold onto in times of trouble. Literally, of course.

Written by Bugler

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