10 Things Strong Women Don’t Give a Damn About

10 Things Strong Women Don’t Give a Damn About

A strong woman is passionate, fiery and is always prepared to face a challenge. Strong women are very rare and if you were lucky enough to find one, there are a few things you can learn from them. They live outside society’s rules for women and there are a few things they will never accept. Here are some of those things.

1. They don’t care about what others think

Strong women have a certain way of living and they are proud of it. They will never change themselves just so that others might like them.

2. They don’t care about the idea of the perfect body

Strong women know that everyone has a different body and that there is no such thing as a perfect body. She does not care about such superficial things and she will rather be healthy and happy instead of trying to fit in everyone’s frame.

3. They are not fashion victims

Strong women will never follow fashion if it is not flattering to their body. They will wear the clothes they feel comfortable in without worrying too much whether they are fashionable or not.

4. They are open to learning new things

A strong woman will never refuse a debate and she will step down when she is wrong. She will never try to impose her opinion especially if she does not have the right arguments to support it. She is also open to learning new things and hearing other people’s opinions.

5. They will end a toxic relationship

A strong woman will never remain in a relationship that is unhealthy. As soon as she notices the red flags, she will end it.

6. They are not afraid of experimenting in bed

Strong women are passionate and they are not afraid to show it. A strong woman will open up to her partner and is always ready to spice things up in her own way.

7. They don’t rely on social media for validation

Strong women are focused on the things that matter in reality and they don’t care if their picture earns many likes. She will express her opinion just for her own satisfaction, not for gaining other people’s approval.

8. They choose comfort over the pain of looking good

Even though high heels look amazing, you are very likely to spend the night in pain. However, strong women will never do this just because they are aware beauty is not worth the pain and they will always choose comfort.

9. They are not into gossip

Strong women will never engage in mindless talk and gossip. She will never be interested in other people’s lives and she will never discuss them when they are not around.

10. They don’t care about fitting in

Strong women hate stereotypes and they cherish things that make them stand out from the crowd.

10 Things Strong Women Don’t Give a Damn About

Written by salmon Berry