Research Reveals Women Are More Attracted to Men with Beards.

Research Reveals Women Are More Attracted to Men with Beards.

To have a beard or to be clean-shaven? Beards have become the norm for many men nowadays, whether because it makes them look good or because they’re following a fashion trend. However, their choice to cultivate a beard or to remain clean-shaven impacts how women view them. In fact, women are more attracted to bearded men than clean-shaven ones, based on the signals they send. Here are three reasons why women are more attracted to men with beards, backed by science.

Beards make men look confident and capable

Beards can give off masculine signals and they make women view men as more confident and capable, especially socially. Women may have evolved over the centuries, but the instinct that guides them to choose a man remains. According to the results of a study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, “Beards may be more attractive to women when considering long‐term than short‐term relationships as they indicate a male’s ability to successfully compete socially with other males for resources.” A woman feels reassurance when she sees a bearded man, instinctually feeling that he can handle any situation, provide for her, and protect her. She’s more likely to trust him and feel secure around him in a relationship.

Women perceive bearded men as good parents

Beards also make men good parents in women’s eyes. According to Jeremy Nicholson, M.S.W and Ph.D for Psychology Today, “Women rated men with full beards as highest for perceived parenting ability and healthiness.” This is because women view bearded men as having better qualities than men who are clean-shaven. Their instinct perceives that a bearded man has better genes for children and will take better care of them. These qualities attract women because they want to be sure the man can take care of a family, provide for it, and protect it.

Beards are attractive for long-term relationships

A beard also affects whether a woman will want to form a short or long-term relationship with a man. According to Robert D. Martin Ph.D. of Psychology Today, “The presence of facial hair enhanced attractiveness for long-term relationships, but not short-term liaisons.” As aforementioned, women view bearded men as good parents and as capable people who can protect a family.

That isn’t to say that beardless men are incapable of maintaining relationships; it’s simply that women are following their instinct when it comes to securing their future, raising a family, feeling protected, and feeling safe.

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Research Reveals Women Are More Attracted to Men with Beards.

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