Why Women Can’t Find a Gentleman

Why Women Can’t Find a Gentleman

Chivalry, if most women are to be believed, is dead. Most women think there are no real gentlemen in the world anymore. The medieval concept of chivalry as such is indeed dead, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t live in another, this time modern form.

Growing out of aristocracy, the chivalric code is based on personal honor and polite behavior. In medieval times, a knight would fight for a woman’s honor and that was the highest form of chivalry possible. As we’re not that, um, barbaric anymore, chivalry in that way is dead. However, over the years, it has taken a new form, which means that gentlemen still exist.

The ideas of chivalry have been passed down generations and have evolved from their early days. Women are not seen as property anymore – they’re equal to men and this plays a big reason into the fact that true gentlemen are rare to be found. Although rare as a unicorn, they do exist if you dig deep.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why women can’t find true gentlemen:

The Neverending Tale of Prince Charming

Most parents raise their daughters to think that a prince will ride on a white horse and carry them to the promised land. The tale of Prince Charming has lived on for centuries, but it’s nothing more than a tale.

If you’re looking for a knight in shining armor on a white horse to take you in your hands, you will never find a man worthy enough. Just move on from the myth and lower your expectations. There are still kind and polite gentleman out there, even if they don’t come on a horse.

Holding Out for The One True Love

If you hold out for the one, how will you know when he finally comes? Plus, what’s stopping the Universe to putting him continents away from you? Don’t look for Mr. Perfect and don’t judge all men against it. No one lives up to that idea and those unrealistic expectations are ruining your chances of actually finding a decent guy.

The Idea that They Need Rescue

This is not the Wild Wild West and women don’t need rescue. They are equal to men nowadays and can do most things themselves. Men know that ladies in distress don’t exist, so stop acting like it.

Beauty and the Beast

Another in the line of unreal expectations, many women believe that they can charm and tame a beast which will lead to a happy ending. The thing is that people don’t change. If he acts like a beast, he’s probably a beast. Violence and rage are never OK, and the tale of beauty and the beast only works on the big screen, not in real life.

Judging a Book on Its Cover

The sheer image of a gentleman in a woman’s mind is manly and beautiful. He looks like the perfect man with ideal hair, cheekbones, and whatnot else. However, the image is different in real life. More often than not, nice-looking guys are a**holes, and those big, grouchy, and intimidating men are true gentlemen. Remember – never judge a book by its cover.

Financial Security Before Love

Many women choose financial security instead of love. They’ve been raised with the idea of marrying a doctor or lawyer – e.g. a man who earns a lot. Although you can go with it, there’s a chance life won’t work well with these people.

Doctors and lawyers do earn a lot, but they’re also working non-stop. Would you like to marry someone who’s not there all of the time? Time to lower your expectations, women. Who knows – that cute math teacher from the nearby high school might be the gentleman you’ve been looking for.

Why Women Can’t Find a Gentleman

Written by salmon Berry