What It Means When A Narcissist Says “I Love You”


Those of you who are in a romantic relationship with a narcissist may know everything we will talk in this article. It would not be easy to a narcissist to admit that they adore draining their partner’s happiness and energy. So, here’s what you need to know.

When a narcissist expresses their love, they want you to know that they adore when you make them feel like they are your one and only, the center of your Universe. And, you would never expect them to do the same.

Actually, when they love you, they love the way they can use your generosity and honest intentions, so they end up feeling much bigger than you. They make you feel like you are nothing like you are not worthy at all.

Their love means that they adore your helplessness, weakness, as well as you emotional instability. They adore belittling you due to your innocent and naïve behavior.

They feel powerful when they throw you off balance because they are aware that everything you talk about will never realize. They love it when you do everything you can to make them feel good, but they are simply insatiable.

All of those things you care about such as closeness, compassion, connection, etc., are important to you, but they see them as insignificant. Their only interest is in their job, power, and status. They want to make you suffer, feel pain, and disrespect you.

Why? Well, it is simple, that is because they are the one who “deserve” happiness, pleasure, and admiration, not you.

When they tell you they love you, it means you are something that they own. You make them feel good. You are like some expensive car, and you serve them to improve their status in society. They adore when others give them jealous looks.

Their love is because they have power over you; you are working and trying so hard to make them happy and to prove your love. You are even doing stupid things only to prove how loyal you are.

They love you because of the way you make them love themselves, but at the same time, they hate you because they need you. You are always there for them, and they can blame you for anything, like for their ‘neediness,’ and that is what they like.

When they disrespect you, they see it as a defense. They would never like to admit to you that they are dependent on you. You are the one that makes them feel superior.

Having no control over something that may destroy their status and image make them feel powerless, defenseless, and weak. They do not like when you are questioning the way they treat you when you cannot understand that they are the one in control.

When they make you feel anxious and like you do not have any control it makes them feel satisfied. They make you do or say things that you would not like. It means nothing to them when you complain because they want you to be confused.

Written by Bugler

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