The Truth About Being Single Vs Being Married

The Truth About Being Single Vs Being Married

There are certainly some enjoyable factors in being both single as well as engaged. Both can relate to the lives they had once lived, whether you are currently in a long-term relationship or badly desiring for a life partner. Finding a partner in life is what most people strive for, yet we never know if we are ever ready for the unending sacrifices and commitments. So we gathered some truths about being single vs being married.

Changes are good but sometimes they suck the real life out of you.

Remember the days when a sleepover with friends would end up in a beautiful cuddle on the couch while watching a romantic movie. Once you are with someone, say goodbye to your hard-earned money because gifts for Valentines’ and anniversary occasions come with a cost that you have to bear.

However, some relationships come into your life for your own good, thus making you a better person and your life a wonderful journey. Though some relationships fail, others inspire others to gather the courage to express their love to the world.

Some people, after getting into a relation, completely changes.

They forget their friends, become too clingy to their girlfriends, and spend the most time with them. The only time they come back is when they have a fight with their partner. We have all known people like this. But once the altercation is negotiated, it doesn’t take them another minute to return back into the bubble of love again. Now the irony is stark.

When you are single nobody seems to pay you any attention. You wander alone in the desert of loneliness, desperately searching for a partner. But the moment you declare your relationship official, you receive all kinds of unwanted attention and you crave for peace and some alone time.

Once you come into a relationship, your money gets divided.

Earlier the money which you had used to flatter yourself buying clothes, food, and drinks for your own entertainment now gets divided. Also, most of it is used by your partner and this is the truth. Winnings for two, gifts for two, a holiday for two- your hard-earned money disappears in front of your eyes.

You begin to have serious, dynamic and meaningful conversations.

You regain from having small talks. Your topics range from having a future together, getting a good job, marriage plans, holiday plans, etc. You can no longer find time for your own self. Everything involves your partner. You have to hang out with her in shopping malls, while she goes to parlors and parties. You cannot say a ‘No’.

Marriage or getting engaged comes with a lot of stress.

You have to respond now, you can no longer linger around, doing anything and just having fun. You have certain duties and another person to love and take care of forever. The policy of ‘what is mine is mine’ no longer holds true. You both have to share stuff. If your partner is too snoopy, she can consistently check your phone, ask for passwords and interfere with your privacy.

Also, you no longer spend time on trying to look good.

Your partner has happily accepted you for who you are. Even you come to meet her with messy hair, a face full of beard, uncut nails and wearing a dirty t-shirt, she won’t even bother. But this is the beauty of any relationship. It’s messy, unorganized yet an enchanting experience. Because to her, you are ‘perfect’.

The Truth About Being Single Vs Being Married

Written by Bugler