This Amazing Japanese 1 Minute Technique To Make Your Eyes Look Younger Is Easy

Technique To Make Your Eyes Look Younger Is Easy

We spent so much on cosmetics, to looks younger and fabulous, but what we forget along all of this, is exercise. If we have the right exercises to follow with a minimum expenditure of time, wouldn’t you do it? Well, why not? The Japanese have always come up with ways to better the world and they have a solution for your tired looking puffy eyes too. This amazing massage will surely make you look way younger than others if you follow this one-minute routine


This Japanese massage is known as Shiatsu and helps you rejuvenate your skin around your eyes and restore the youth. This is very simple and only requires you to massage by pressurizing some specific dots on your face. So the next time when you feel that your eyes are tired, you only need one minute to get through the tired-looking eyes.


As we age, our eyebrows start slouching towards the eyes and to regain the youth in your face, here’s a massage tip that you can use to raise your eyebrows. Pressurize the inner and outer ends and the in the middle of your eyebrows until you feel slightly uncomfortable. Now, place your index finger, ring finger and the middle finger along with these spots and then pressurize it. Start massaging like this in the movements to the brows, and slightly push upward. Do this for 7 seconds.


This is the wrinkle on the outer corners of the eyes and that is where your pressure point is. Now, start with placing your index fingers on the spots and warm-up that area a bit, press it and then release it. Then pull the muscles towards your temple slightly, without taking your fingers off! But be careful while exercising this, as you should only pull the muscle up and not the skin alone. Continue massaging for 3 seconds and repeat this 3 times.


To get rid of the swelling of your eyes, puffy eyes, pressurize the inner corner of the eye between the eye and the nose bridge. Again, place your index fingers on the area and make a horizontal movement but do not stretch or move your skin too much. You can also use another way, make your fingers as such that it resembles a “fork” and then press the outer and the inner corners of your eyes, in sync. Continue this for 3 seconds and repeat it 3 times.


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