Things We Keep Forgetting That We Should Thank Our Mom For

Things We Keep Forgetting That We Should Thank Our Mom For

Our mother has always taken care of us without asking anything in return. She is our lifeline.

But many of us start taking her for granted. We disvalue her importance in our life because no matter how much we hurt her or annoy her, she always forgets that and takes care of us.

She will tell you a thousand times that she doesn’t care anymore and will leave you forever, but her love is so pure that she always comes back.

And the fact that we know her love for us makes us even more ungrateful towards her.
But we need to realize that she has gone through many pains to give birth to us and to raise us. She has held back her own desires to fulfill your desires, not once but many times.

Given below are 16 of the many, many things that we should thank our mother for.

1. She is everything that you want

A mother can be your best friend, your instructor, your fashion consultant, your friend’s character inspector, your therapist, your motivator, your guide, and your advisor. She is an all-in-one person.

2. Forgives every single mistake of yours

How many times have you hurt her, knowingly or unknowingly? How many times have you done something that she told you not to? She has always forgiven you.

3. Always has an ear for your drama

Your school, college or society drama – she will always hear it, even though it is all meaningless.

4. Becomes someone you can admire and idolize

You learn from her and she changes herself in some aspects to be a good influence on you.

5. She can become a tigress for you

She will scold you all day, but no one else can say a single bad word to you in her presence.

6. She is always there for you

Every single time you have yelled “MUMMYYY!!!”, she has left everything to be there.

7. Countless things that you have but never needed them in the first place

Every time that you stood in the store asking for something that just looked good but you had no need for it, she had bought that for you cutting back some of her expenses.

8. The delicious food she cooks

All the food that was tasty and free for you, was time-consuming and a lot of work for her.

9. Tolerating your rebellious phase

That teen phase where everything she said or did felt like a restriction to you, she became the bad guy to keep you safe from the bad influence.

10. She gave us another best friend – our sibling

They are the only one with who to you can share everything.

11. She went through labor to give birth to you

Pregnancy is a tough period. Give your mother the credit of enduring it.

12. She will always believe in you

She will be your cheerleader when everyone else will try to pull you down.

13. The source of constant encouragement+

She allows you to participate in events where you improve your skills.

14. Taking care of the whole family

She is the glue that holds a family together.

15. Convincing your father

“Mamma, please ask dad for the night stay. He won’t allow me.” Didn’t you get the permission finally?

16. For everything that she can do

She puts herself down and puts you up first. She can do things that we cannot imagine doing ourselves. You are her first priority.

Don’t thank her daily. But once in a while is good enough.

Things We Keep Forgetting That We Should Thank Our Mom For

Written by salmon Berry