Want to know what are the 7 things that narcissists find terrifying?

Want to know what are the 7 things that narcissists find terrifying?

Even though it might seem like narcissists are not afraid of anything, the reality is not like that. And here are the 7 things that frighten them to the very core:

1. Being rejected or abandoned.

If there is something they can’t stand it is being rejected or abandoned. If you dare to leave them you will be faced with rage and punishment, because rejecting them would mean that all they have done to impress you went unsuccessful. Narcissists tend to create a false self that might trap you in their arms. If you reject all that, then, what is left would be their true self. Their true self might be completely lost because they have spent so much time in creating the false self, they probably forgot who they really are. Narcissists depend on attention and approval and if they fail to get them they will be forced to face their emptiness, which might eventually destroy them.

2. They fear being made fun of.

The only humor that they find appealing to them is someone else’s misery, especially if they are the reason for that misery. Narcissists are very sensitive and they take themselves extremely seriously.  The reason that they can’t laugh at themselves is that they are empty people. They have spent probably whole their life in creating a whole new person that they forgot who they are; they simply do not have substance.

3. They hate being disrespected.

Yes, no one actually likes being disrespected, but narcissists feel disrespected even when there is no such thing. It is a sort of paranoia that is hunting them. It all comes to the false self that I mentioned before and if they lose that they are nothing, they feel like they are going to die. So in order to avoid disrespect they use very unhealthy defense mechanism constructed of the silent treatment, rage, lies, denial and what not just to stay safe in their balloon of falseness.

4. Narcissists hate being ignored.

This means they will suffer from the lack of their holiest brain food which is attention, and they will start feeling like they are slowly dying. They would even rather be hated than ignored, any kind of attention to these people is better than zero attention. Without attention, it is hard for them to find a reason to live.

5. They absolutely hate being exposed.

When a narcissist is being called out for their behavior they will defend themselves with anger and rage so that they could avoid admitting that they were wrong. They believe that if they admit being wrong it means that they admit being less perfect then what they portrait themselves while hiding all the imperfections deep inside.  What they tend to do is to project all their imperfections onto other people and make you look like what they actually are. They will bring you to the point where you will start questioning what is real and what is not real, just because they have created all these lies about you. What they do the best is by blaming others for their flaws they avoid the feeling of shame.

6.They fear to lose their success and youth.

The older they get the more abusive they become. With aging, they lose all the things that they value the most, like looks, health, and career. Basically, the only features that they are able to get admiration for. They are convinced that they will always be pretty and healthy and once they start losing their looks and health they will feel like there is nothing left to live for.

Also if they are faced with retirement they will feel like they are no longer valued and that is the end of them.

Their false self, created a world for them where they are only respected for their success and their appearance, but not their personality, once they lose those segments they will be faced to live alone and miserable.

7. Death is also a thing that scares them as well.

For narcissists, the death means no more opportunities to feed their ego and what is more valuable than their ego, right? Maybe, subconsciously, they fear hell as well because they know what kind of bad people they were in this world and there might be a punishment for that. They might even become religious just so that they can escape the potential punishment that there might be in the afterlife.

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Want to know what are the 7 things that narcissists find terrifying?

Written by Bugler