The Zodiac Signs Ranked In Order Of How Good They Are As Husbands

The Zodiac Signs Ranked In Order Of How Good They Are As Husbands

1. Cancer.

Cancer men make the absolute best husbands, hands down. They never shy away from commitment, they are loyal, honest, and want to build a life with you. When they are in love with someone, they feel it so strongly, and because sensitivity is in their nature, you really don’t ever have to worry about the flame dying out for long in your life together. They are – ahem – crabby at times, yes, but honestly take comfort in the fact that the majority of your arguments will be about stupid things like who last took the trash out or that one friend you never want to hang out with but always seem to have to, rather than actual, legitimate issues like whether or not you want to be together, or whether or not they were faithful last weekend. Keep in mind that the latter are actual issues that people, unfortunately, do deal with. A Cancer man is a life you want to build a home and family with. They will be silly and fun and in love with you all. 10/10 put a ring on it.

2. Libra.

Libras are the ultimate relationship partners. They are obsessed with love, and though they are indecisive by nature, once they do choose what they want – especially in romance – they are all in. They are committed from day one, and their loyalty and love does not falter. They bring balance and beauty to the relationship, they inspire their partner to be better and dream bigger than they ever thought they could. Libras make amazing parents, and they are reasonably sound of mind when difficult times come up. They will be your rock, they will be your biggest supporter, and more than anything, they will love the crap out of your for as long as they can.

3. Scorpio.

I know, I know, you didn’t see this one coming. Your idea of Scorpios is probably that they are fiercely jealous and deeply emotional and have a dark sense of humor about it all. But that’s really what makes them such prime life partners. First of all, the opposite end of their capacity to envy is their loyalty. Once they have committed to you, they will commit to you forever. They will be protective, focused, give-you-the-shirt-off-their-back selfless and your biggest fan always. Together, you will be best friends and life partners. They will defend you by any means to anyone who dares speak an ill word of you, and you can trust that a Scorpio partner will be as faithful as they come. Once you are their desire, you will be their only desire. They are not for everyone, but the people who they are right for, they are right for always.

4. Gemini.

Geminis are actually amazing in love. Despite their infamously “all over the place” nature, they make for astoundingly solid partners. First of all, Geminis need other people more than a lot of the other signs. Geminis thrive when they marry someone they truly respect, to look out for a Gem who admires and is proud of you. Geminis are grounded by people who compensate for their weaknesses with complementary strengths. They jive best with people who are either inspirational to them, or who think more clearly and are less emotional than them. A Gemini partner is like the absolute best friend you could ever wish for, and the most passionate, creative, loyal love you will ever have in your life.

Written by Bugler