5 Methods To Achieve The Most Intense Tantric Intimacy

Next the female starts the cobra breath.

This ancient breath technique was held a secret for many years and is only acquired through word of mouth. Never has it been written down anywhere as it was known as a source of great power.

Practiced for thousands of years for the purpose of harnessing this s*xual energy and using to elevate consciousness, the breath pulls the Shakti (magnetic energy into the spine and changes the electromagnetic properties of the cerebrospinal fluid. Thus, allowing for the kundalini energy to move up easily.

4. Clear Your Mind of Any Thought

Our minds are constantly buzzing with information of thoughts. Each time your mind wanders bring your attention back to your partner and focus. This allows for the deep level of intimacy and oneness to be experienced between the pair.

5. Fire Breath Orgasm and Cobra Breath

Use of The Fire Breath Orgasm, in conjunction with the Cobra Breath, as it will accelerate and remove all energy blocks that prevent the flow of your life force energy through the chakra channels called your inner flute.  The longer you maintain your practice, the more powerful it becomes.

Source: Spirit Science

5 Methods To Achieve The Most Intense Tantric Intimacy

Written by Bugler