Is Your Soul Tired? Here’s What You Can Do To Fix It

Is Your Soul Tired? Here’s What You Can Do To Fix It

Hard times are an inevitable part of life. We all have to go through our share of troubles, struggles, and difficulties but during this time we lack the motivation to fight back and become depressed. Do you feel exhausted from within during this time? During this phase of life, our soul becomes tired and we become emotionally weak. Here are ways to re-energize your tired soul to become motivated and happy again.

How to tell if your soul is tired?

1.No rest helps

When the soul is exhausted, you feel tired but no amount of rest will re-energize you. Even after 8 hours of complete sleep at night, you will feel low, tired and restless.

2.Not able to Achieve Goals

A tired soul means you have misaligned from your goal. You are not able to complete your tasks at hand and many of the things which should go smoothly malfunction.

3.Determine it physically

There is a way to find out if your soul is tired or not. Rub your hand for about thirty seconds and then separate them by 4-5 cms. Do you feel a warm sensation between your hands?

Repeat this process again but this time make the gap about 9-10 cms. Repeat the process until you reach a point where you do not feel any buzz or warm sensation between your hands.

If you reach this point before reaching your shoulder width, it means you are completely running low on soul energy and your soul is tired.

What are the reasons which cause your soul to become tired?

There are many reasons which make you tired and devoid of energy but the top 10 reasons are listed below:

-Lying to yourself

-Not being able to say “NO”

-Doing something against your inherent nature

-Engaging yourself in gossip, petty arguments and fights

-Berating yourself and having negative thoughts about oneself

-Holding onto the past and grudges

-Hanging our narcissist and toxic people

-Feeling unloved and lacking self-love

Although these may seem very petty things, they take a serious toll on your soul and deprive your soul of all the energy and positivity.

How to fix your tired soul?

-Love yourself and be positive towards yourself

-Be creative and let your imagination flow

-Do meditation on a regular basis

-Stop hanging around negative and toxic people

-Cleanse your spirit and let go of the past

-Use crystals to heal yourself and recharge your soul

Initially, it will be difficult to do such things but over time you will feel more positive, energized and full of happiness. You soul will be recharged to its full energy.


Is Your Soul Tired? Here’s What You Can Do To Fix It

Written by salmon Berry