The 25 Simple Ways That Help In Keeping Your Anxiety Down

The 25 simple ways that help in keeping your anxiety down

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is your body’s physical response to fear. Everyone feels anxious at times, and a certain level of anxiety is normal for everyone.  If you are overwhelmed due to your anxiety, then it is time to look forward and follow these simple yet effective ways to delete your anxiety.

Here we go:

  1. You can rejuvenate yourself by enjoying a short stroll. This short exercise can be beneficial to you as this may reduce your level of anxiety to a great level. While you are out you can feel the nature and your inner anxiety will automatically be reduced.
  2. The pleasant smell of certain perfumes can be soothing to your mind and can diminish your anxiety. You would completely forget about your anxiety if can inhale these refreshing perfumes. Some of the scented candles can also refresh your mind and soul.
  3. You can fight back your anxiety by keeping the surroundings neat and clean. A clean surrounding always gives rise to a healthy and happy thought.
  4. If you are overburdened with anxiety, then it is better to share it with your friends or loved ones. It helps to decrease the intensity of your anxiety.
  5. It is equally important for you to open up to your near and dear ones instead of keeping locked up within yourself. Those people might provide you with some better and fruitful solution to lower your anxiety.
  6. For those who are introvert and suffering from anxiety, it is yet another effective way of jotting down all about your worries and frustrations on a piece of paper. You may not want others to know about your pain yet cannot handle it either. So, expressing yourself on a piece of paper can sometimes prove to be a great healer.
  7. At times of anxiety, a quick shower is always refreshing. Whenever you feel soiled up with anxiety your mind and body both need to be cleaned up. So, follow this practice you will surely get quick relief.
  8. You can also spend time with your pets when you are suffering from such a mental illness. Their company will help you a lot to forget about your anxiety. In fact, they are just like your little children.
  9. good laughter can also act as a great healer to your anxiety. You might join a laughing class, or if you are short ontime then you can also watch a comedy show on television or on YouTube.
  10. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are great but they can sometimes also cause adverse effects. They may worsen your mental condition rather than making you happy. So, it is advisable to you, to keep yourself aloof from all such social media.
  11. Meditation has the power to make you feel enlightened from inside- both mentally and spiritually. And during your anxious moments a proper meditation act as a good medication.
  12. A physical workout or exercise can recover you greatly from your mental anxiety. Both your mind and body get charged up.
  13. good sleep work as a wonder. If you are tired mentally and physically then you can recharge yourself by taking a good sleep. Lack of sleep during your anxiety will worsen the situation greatly.
  14. Most people find it difficult to sleep when they suffer from some anxiety. In such cases, a sleep meditation can prove better to them.
  15. Do you remember? When you were a child, and when you were hurt? Your pain would vanish immediately after hugging either of your parents. Though you are quite grown up now, the situation has not changed. Still, you feel comfortable and relaxed at the time of your anxiety by coming in close contact with your loved ones. So, another way of reducing your anxiety is physical contact.
  16. During the time of anxiety if you keep yourself hydrated you will feel better. You can do this by drinking a lot of water, or by splashing your face with cold water.
  17. Stretching your body can also relieve you from your anxiety. Follow some simple stretches and feel the difference.
  18. Nature has always been a source of inspiration and recreation to everyone. Nature has the power to recharge and reenergize an anxious mind. So, whenever you are suffering from anxiety spend some time in nature.
  19. Comparison with others will always make you frustrated and unhappy. So, don’t indulge yourself in comparing with others. It will only increase your anxiety.
  20. Whenever you are suffering from anxiety, take a deep breath and concentrate on your breathing. You can clean up your mind and body by performing this simple breathing exercise.
  21. It is always good to take short breaks between your busy schedules. Our body is a living machine and like other machines, it also needs a break for its proper functioning. If you go on stressing and burdening our mind and body it will start malfunctioning. These short breaks are just like the energy capsules to revitalize your body.
  22. We all know that colors influence our mind greatly. If you are happy then automatically you will prefer bright colors and vice versa. Likewise, yellow is the color of happiness. You can add this color to lessen your anxiety and add happiness to your life.
  23. Another simple yet effective method is taking a steam bath.
  24. Go for a massage treatment as often as possible. A soothing massage can work miracle on your stressed-out
  25. You will feel relaxed from your anxiety if you show signs of gratitude, by serving others and by being more thankful for

You can follow any of the above-mentioned tips to overcome your anxiety. Stay happy and blessed.

The 25 simple ways that help in keeping your anxiety down

Written by salmon Berry