Signs That Show You’re an Ambivert

Signs That Show You’re an Ambivert

We all know that there are two polarized sides in human personality theories – introversion and extroversion. The former is a state of being preoccupied with one’s own mental self and not really being social. The latter is a state that can be described as seeking gratification from outside oneself. Popularized by the great Carl Jung, the terms have recently resurfaced which is most likely related to the increased availability of the internet and all scientific information available to us.

However, what most people don’t know is that there’s a third character between the two. Known as an ambivert, this type of character can most closely be described as an outgoing introvert. These people are usually mistaken for extroverts due to similar behavior. In short, they act like extroverts but are introverts to their core.

For example, every time they should go out, they need to prepare themselves mentally. These people are artistic and creative, and although they like to hang out with people, they find them tiring. They want a crowd, but also want peace and calm. Yeah, we know, those are two different things, but no matter how crazy it sounds, ambiverts exist.

Recognized yourself? Here are a few traits which indicate that someone’s an ambivert:

You Hate Shallow Friendships

If you hate empty talk with friends and feel that one or more of them have nothing else but small talk to offer, you might be an outgoing introvert. You seek friendships that are meaningful and satisfy you emotionally. This is one of the biggest signs that you’re an ambivert and is based on your emotional needs.

You Live in Your Own World

Ambiverts usually overthink all the details someone has told them and try to grasp the meaning behind all the talk. They always have some kind of talk in their mind and are the perfect friend to ask for advice should you need to.

They Want Everyone to Feel Comfortable

Ambiverts are pretty outgoing, a trait that many mistakes for flirting. It is anything but.  They’re just trying to make everyone feel comfortable around them. They pretend to like things even if they don’t when it means to a friend. They don’t want to ruin things for others even at their own expense.

Details Mean the World to Them

Ambiverts love details. They want to know all about the character of their closest friends and what makes them happy or sad. Ambiverts pay great attention to details which is why they need to be treated with care. On the other hand, should you tell them your secrets, they will take them to the grave.

They Can’t Seem To Find the Ideal Partner

Before they commit themselves to a relationship fully, ambiverts will need to know that the person is right for them. They are self-conscious, shy, positive, and suave at the same time, so they can be a lot to handle. If you’re in love with an ambivert, you should know that they will make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world. However, they also need a lot of love in return, especially in their quiet days.

They Need Time on Their Own

Ambiverts are truly unique. They want to hang out with their friends, but they also need some time on their own. After a hard day at work, they prefer to relax and focus on the world they live in instead of going out. Don’t be offended by it – they just need to take it slow sometimes.

Signs That Show You’re an Ambivert

Written by salmon Berry