Learn to Say NO! to Negative Thinking

Learn to Say NO! to Negative Thinking

In today’s world, we spend way too much time thinking negatively, obsessing about things we can’t change. Stress plays a big part in it, leading to overanalyzing things and replaying painful situations in your mind. According to statistics, about 80% of our thoughts are negative. The more painful a situation is, the more we replay it in our minds. Humanity is drawn to harmful memories, and happiness has become an afterthought. It’s a vicious cycle that’s slowly, but surely, destroying our wellbeing.

What Draws Us to Negative Thinking?

More often than not, we’re drawn to negative thoughts because we think we can change things. If we spend more time with our pain and try to understand it, we might be able to figure it out. The thing is, it doesn’t work that way. What’s done is done, and not letting go of the pain causes even more trouble.

Our mind tries to restructure itself and reframe the contents of our pain just in order to avoid it. Instead of experiencing it head-on, the mind will choose to think about pain. Thinking about what caused the pain in the first place leads to suffering you can’t shake off. We keep reminding ourselves of negative stuff and in the process, we lose ourselves in it. As a result, we never really let go of pain, losing touch with who we are. Returning to our suffering is our primal instinct of feeling ourselves into existence. Giving up the ruminations is almost impossible. How do we know who we are if we can’t feel? The addiction to suffering is a desire to feel better, yet it destroys our mind as well. It makes us feel worse and deconstructs us, which is why you need to break the addiction to pain. The good news is that it’s possible.

How to Let Go of Negative Thoughts

Inquire First

The first thing you can do is ask yourself what do you accomplish by returning to negative thoughts. Can you figure out the problem? Are you scared of feeling good? Does it lead you to peace? Overanalyzing stuff doesn’t work – it just makes you feel worse. Ask yourself these questions and try to find positives. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, remember? Negative thinking is a surefire road to depression, so stop being so negative.

Develop Awareness

The key to breaking habit is being aware of things. Whenever you find yourself revisiting bad thoughts, direct your attention elsewhere. You’re doing yourself a disservice by thinking negative thoughts. Develop awareness about it and try to break the habit. It is the key to stopping the train of negative thoughts.

Shift Your Focus to Positive

Whenever you notice the train of negative thoughts arriving, shift your focus on the positive things in your life. Everything will be fine – just think positively and the negative stuff should fade away. Offer yourself some sweet words – you deserve it. After a while, the negative thoughts should start fading away.

Say “NO!”

We can learn ourselves to say no to all the negative stuff in our lives. Just put a stop to the negative thoughts that have become a habit. It’s time to say “NO!” out loud. You’ll hear it loud and clear, breaking apart the negative clouds that have overtaken your mind.

What’s at Risk if You Let Go of the Pain?

The answer is nothing. Letting go of your negative thoughts will do you a lot of good. Create a new identity if need be and remind yourself of how harmful negative thinking is. Over time, it’ll become a habit and the negative thoughts will perish.

Learn to Say NO! to Negative Thinking

Written by salmon Berry