10 Safety Rules for Travelers That Help Save Money and Health

10 Safety Rules for Travelers That Help Save Money and Health

You always need to worry about your safety, especially when you are traveling. However, if you worry too much, you lose the opportunity to enjoy. This is why we have prepared a special set of rules which should make it easier for you to feel safe and to enjoy your vacation.

#10 Avoid Paying With Cards

You can lose your card or someone could even steal it. That is why it is much smarter to use apps and services like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

#9 Register at Your Country’s Embassy

You should do that as soon as that is possible. Officials at the embassy will make a record of your arrival and will inform you if there is an emergency.

#8 Insure Your Belongings

I know that everyone always refuses to think about the bad stuff that can happen while trying to relax. However, you should always ensure your belongings. Everything – including your electronics.

#7 Every Hotel Should Have a Safe

If you are not convinced that the safe in your hotel room is good enough, put your valuables in the hotel’s safe. But do not forget to take the receipt and to ask the manager about the possible compensation.

#6 The Phone Numbers of Your Relatives and Your Local Embassy’s Phone

As a precaution, you can write down the important numbers like the phone numbers of your relatives, embassy, and your email. Take a photo of those and place them as the wallpaper for your phone. That’s how someone could see those numbers even if your phone is locked.

#5 Don’t Drink Alcohol With Strangers

This sounds like a great fun but it can cost you a lot. You could lose all your money and your personal belongings.

#4 Always Eat in Places Where The Locals Eat

You might think that it would be a good idea to eat in some flashy places where ever you can see a tourist. And even though those places are good, the best place to eat would logically be the same place all the locals usually choose. So, wherever you see the locals enjoying food, sit down and eat like a local. However, you should avoid eating extremely spicy food.

#3 Always Talk With Locals

Before exploring the local area, ask the locals about all the possible dangers, alternative routes, and interesting locations.

#2 The Dirtiest Things in a Hotel

The dirtiest thing in any hotel is a TV remote. All other corners and things are regularly cleaned, but no one cleans the remote.

NOTE: Your Family and Friends Should Know About Your Routes
You should plan all your routes and stops in advance. Make copies and give them to your friends and relatives. And remember to inform them if you make some changes.

#1 Make Copies Of Your Documents

Avoid taking your original documents with you. Keep them in a safe. Make copies and spread them throughout your bags. Always keep a copy with you.


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10 Safety Rules for Travelers That Help Save Money and Health

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