The Right Person Will Love You The Way You Are

The Right Person Will Love You The Way You Are

If your partner really loves you, it goes without saying that he or she won’t be bothered by your flaws. No one’s perfect – we’re all different and weird in our own way. This person, the one you’re going to spend your life with, isn’t interested in your flaws – he loves you and accepts you as you are. They won’t mind your overthinking and racing mind, nor would they be grossed out by your cellulite. Remember – these people have decided they want a future with you and no one else, which means they never cared for your imperfections in the first place.

You’ll know you’ve found the right person when they don’t run away when you argue over something. Instead, they’ll fight to save the relationships and put up with you at your worst. That takes guts and patience, but they do it because they love you. They will stand by your side when you need them the most and will never judge your decisions. The right partner will support your goals and dreams and make sure you feel comfortable through change.

He or she will never be ashamed of you no matter your imperfections. In fact, they will be proud to “show” you to the world. They are proud of you and will shower you with compliments all the time. They’ll put up with your craziness and make you the happiest person in the world day by day.

Most importantly of all, Mr. or Mrs. Right would never think about hurting you. They will never abandon you as well, not even in your darkest moments. No matter your imperfections, these people are in it for life and there’s nothing that can change it. These are the traits of a good partner – the one who’ll stay with you forever.


The Right Person Will Love You The Way You Are


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