10 Reasons Why Japan Is the World’s Most Unique Country

We have all seen some impressive places and countries in the world, but one of the most impressive ones is definitely Japan. There are so many unique things such as advanced technology, way of life as well as respect for others that make Japan look like a country from another world.

Holding an umbrella

In Japan, people respect and take care of each other and this is just one proof of that. The bus driver holds an umbrella for his passengers so they don’t get wet until they open their own. This is something you don’t see every day.


Japanese people have a strong sense of obligation and responsibility, and one situation they proved this is the FIFA world cup in 2018. Even though their team lost the match, the fans cleaned the arena afterward.

Animals bow too

Bowing is a common way of showing respect in Japan, but this photo of a bowing animal is just heartwarming.

Baby sitter

Mothers of young kids often don’t even have the chance to go to the bathroom alone. However, in Japan, they can put their babies in a safe seat while they are using the restroom.

Fastest train


Japanese trains and punctuality are famous worldwide. They are particularly proud of their bullet trains that are so fast and ride so smoothly that you can steadily keep a coin upwards.


Someone broke this man’s bicycle bell and he left an apology note and money as a way to repay for the damage. Most people would just continue on their way, but in Japan that is unacceptable.

People pushing a train

This video was viral on the Internet and all the people were praised for their teamwork and determination. A woman fell down and all the people were pushing the train to help her get out.

Fish in a drainage

There are certain places that often need cleaning and are usually avoided by others such as the drainage, but not in Japan. Even the water in the drainage is clean, so clean that fish can live in it.

After clean bowing

There are certain professions that are looked down upon, but not in Japan. Any useful thing a person does is respected. These members of the cleaning staff are bowing after cleaning the train.

Rotating seats

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, almost anything you imagine, you can see it in Japan. One example is these rotating seats that can be helpful if you are traveling with a group of people and want your seats to face each other.

Unique Country


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