21 People Who Ended Up With A House Bear Instead Of A Dog

Dogs bring so much joy to our lives. They provide us with companionship and unconditional love. And when you have a big dog, you’re lucky enough to get more of that.

But you’ll find that lots of big dogs don’t exactly know how big they are. Sometimes big dogs think they’re small puppies that can fit into tiny beds and small spaces, not realizing they’re actually giant babies.

Some dogs are so big that they’re more like bears. So, rather than getting a dog you end up with a giant pup looking more like a giant “house bear.” And these dogs are massive!

Here Are 24 People Who Wanted A Dog But Ended Up With A House Bear Instead:

1. A tiny, hard-to-notice,180 lb “puppy”

© forever_cat_lady / Reddit


2. Would you give up your subway seat to a sweet little doggie like this?

© shaigolan810 / Reddit


3. It’s not just kids who grow faster when they’re asleep…

© Super_Professor / Reddit


4. Now that’s what I call a good selfie.

© DrunkOnSocks / Reddit


5. This pupper is about twice as big as his owner. So, which of the 2 has more claim to the bed?

© mac_is_crack / Reddit


6. You can’t hide anything from this guy!

© Justadolphinperson / Reddit


7. Other people’s dogs grow even faster than other people’s kids.

© nemetskii / Reddit


8. The best kind of winter blanket by far

© pan124 / Reddit


9. Danger: An adorably cute nosy-wosy!

© santanades / Reddit


10. This big boy thinks he’s a puppy and still tries to fit in his owner’s lap.

© mayaxs / Reddit


11. The second pic was taken just 3 months later!

© JaxTheHobo / Reddit


12. My sweet little dummy’s laid like this for 20 minutes today. Hasn’t moved once!

© cmerson / Reddit


13. This cool duo should be in the movies!

© mac_is_crack / Reddit


14. More size comparison: a 5’2″ tall human and a 270 lb pupper

© peachykitten / Reddit


15. “Who is the cutest, nicest, biggest doggie in the world?!”

© Fiszu77 / Reddit


16. Nothing special in this pic… No, wait a minute!…

© luton2468 / Reddit


17. My incredible plush giant!

© JoThePro10 / Reddit


18. We’ve adopted this Great Pyrenees from the shelter. Isn’t she a cutie?!

© terrafarma / Reddit


19. Sappy looks are this pupper’s specialty!

© Gooberwatch / Reddit


20. A year ago, the situation was under control. And then THIS happened!

© gregarious_ / Reddit


21. When your great big woofer thinks he’s a lap dog:

© Sokkenwaap / Reddit


So, there you go! Are you fond of big dogs? What’s the first thing you’d do if you met one of these “good boys” on the street?

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21 People Who Ended Up With A House Bear Instead Of A Dog

Written by Bugler