Only Highly Intelligent People Act Like This

Only Highly Intelligent People Act Like This

Intelligence is a complex term. Science hasn’t yet given an answer to the question “How can we measure intelligence?” Can we measure it by our behavior or something else? The human brain is one of the most complex mechanisms in nature and we don’t know much about it yet. There are trillions of connections in the brain which create and process thoughts, which also makes intelligence a big mystery.

The good thing is that there some behaviors indicate that we’re intelligent and we’re going to reveal some of them below. But first, let’s talk about intelligence for a bit.

What is Intelligence?

Science describes intelligence as a mental capacity for logic, self-awareness, problem-solving, understanding, etc. It’s an ability which allows us to perceive information and make use of knowledge. Of course, it’s a much more complex matter we don’t know much about.
Since the start of the XX century, there have been many theories proposed on intelligence. Howard Gartner, a developmental psychologist, proposed the theory of multiple intelligences which says that intelligence is not a single ability. It’s an interesting topic that’s debated to this day and is supported by many professionals.

Gartner managed to come up with seven bits of intelligence:

  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal
  • Musical-rhythmic
  • Logical-mathematical
  • Bodily-kinesthetic
  • Visual-spatial
  • Verbal-linguistic

Later, he added another one to the list – naturalistic. Gartner perceived this intelligence as knowledge of the outside world. His theory about multiple intelligences is widely supported even today, while many support the original theory about intelligence as a single mental ability.

Even though there’s no way to learn more about human intelligence unless we unlock the mysteries of the brain, there are some behaviors which indicate that we’re smarter than we think. Here are a few:

You Own a Cat

Rejoice, cat owners! The myth about the crazy cat lady has fallen! According to some psychologists, owning cats is a major sign of intelligence. Don’t worry, dog owners. Owning a dog means that you’re rule-abiding and energetic. Not smarter than the cat group, though, sorry. That’s 1 for cats, and 0 for dogs.

You Procrastinate

Your parents giving you a hard time because you procrastinate? Don’t worry – it’s a sign that you’re smarter than you think and they realize. You always find shortcuts to finish work instead of trying harder and you love nothing more than to spend your free time with yourself. In the words of the great Bill Gates, “I will always choose a lazy person to finish a job because he’ll find an easy way to do it”. You’re not lazy, though, you’re a procrastinator and that’s OK.

You’re Curious

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but when it comes to humans, it’s a sign of high intelligence. If you have an insatiable curiosity to acquire knowledge, your brain is always engaged which is a great thing. An active mind tends to be very curious and is apparently a sign that you’re smart.

You Stay Up Late

If you often stay up late and prefer to do stuff in the evening hours, it’s a sign that you’re more intelligent than everyone thinks. Night owls are more likely to acquire behaviors completely different from the rest of their species. As humans, we’re not nocturnal, but diurnal species, programmed to take advantage of the daylight. On the other hand, night owls do things in the dark and are seemingly smarter than the rest of us.

You Know What You Don’t Know

Intelligent people never brag about their smarts. They know what you don’t, but will never speak about it openly. They keep to themselves and are more likely to underestimate their intelligence, not the intelligence of others.

You’re a Lover

Not very surprisingly, the tendency to brawl and be violent is linked to lower intelligence. If you’re not a fighter, but you consider yourself a lover, you may be smarter than you realize.

Your Humor is Dark and Twisted

People with a high IQ have a twisted sense of humor others don’t understand or find it unpleasant. According to one study, people with a higher IQ prefer black humor much more than people with a lower IQ. So, if your jokes are dark and twisted, you may be more intelligent than others think.

Written by salmon Berry