Most Powerful Chakra based on your Zodiac Sign

Chakra is an energy center located in both physical and non physical bodies. This energy center acts like a node linking all bodies with physical and psychic functions. Each chakra is drenched with occult powers known for millennia. These focal points are affected by spirits, the energy of earth and of course the stars. This is why each zodiac sign has one powerful chakra. Through this powerful chakra each zodiac sign expresses both its advantages and sensitivities. (See here if your chakras are healthy)

The Powerful Chakra of Each Zodiac Sign

The associations of Chakras with traditional alchemy dates centuries ago when the magic of the far East blended with the occult sciences of the West. Wise alchemists were put in charge to create these links for healing and empowerment.

Each of the 7 Chakra, correlates to one Planet, the traditional Governor of each Zodiac Sign – click here to for a Chakra Bracelet – with 7 natural Stones. Hence, each Chakra corresponds to one metal and crystal which is related to the Planet and the Zodiac sign. (See more about these correspondences in Heptagram – Septagram). 

Aries: Sacral Chakra

The Powerful Chakra of Aries is the Sacral Chakra where Kundalini dwells. This is the Chakra located in the area of the Genitals pulsing a vibrant martian colour. When activated, this chakra radiates confidence and sexual magnetism. Maybe this is why Aries is so sexy.

When blocked it creates guilt, shame and lack of self-confidence. That’s when Aries gets mad. The true power of Aries comes from believing in himself/herself. When this faith is lost anger and frustration is activated.

Crystal and Metals associated with Sacral Chakra:

Iron the metal of Mars is associated with Sacral Chakra. Iron is used in Water of Mars – the ancient Witches recipe to banish enemies and fatigue. Bloodstone is also used to activate the Sacral Chakra in energy healing sessions. Ruby also activated Sacral Chakra.

Taurus: Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra is where heart beats in the centre of the chest. The Chinese associated a very important acupuncture point of the (CV) Conception Vessel Meridian which is used to heal heart problems and emotional imbalances. When activated everything is possible. We attract affection, healing energies and we are one with the World and Higher forces. Love is the key to all. Maybe this is why Taurus is so magnificent.

When blocked, emotional pain devastates us. Sorrow closes the Gate of Love and bring collapse to the energy of Taurus. Grief is like a parasite feasting on your vital energy. Time to say goodbye to sorrow.

Crystal and Metals associated with Heart Chakra:

Copper is associated with Venus, the planet (and Goddess) of Love and Beauty. Copper is used in many charms in order to channel the forces of Love in spells and rituals. Pink Quartz is also used to unblock heart problems and open ourselves to healing energies of Venus. Emerald also activated Heart Chakra.

How to Activate & Heal Heart Chakra:

Ask yourself: What am I grieving for? (see here more information on the powerful Mediation of the Avatar). 

Gemini: Throat Chakra

Governed by Mercury, Gemini has a sensitive and powerful – at the same time – spot. The throat is their powerful chakra which is associated with communication of any kind and self-expression. When activated we are creative and able to cope with difficult situations using our inspiration. Maybe this is why Gemini is so clever.

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