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These 10 Signs Show That You Are Much More Intelligent Than Others

These 10 Signs Show That You Are Much More Intelligent Than Others

The level of intelligence is unique for every person, but sometimes people can be above average without knowing it. The skills that are used to measure IQ are maieutic thinking, memory as well as the analytical capability. But, other factors should also be considered in order to fully understand the entire mental capacity of a person.

10 signs you are much more intelligent than others

Insatiable interest

Studies have shown that people who show more interest are much more intelligent compared to others. The level of interest indicates the will to learn more and that the mental abilities are satisfied with the desire to learn more about everything that surrounds us.

The tendency to be concerned

One scientific study has shown that people who worry too much might be a lot more intelligent than others.

An inclination to overlook

Most people don’t link intelligence and forgetfulness, but they’re actually maybe something about this. Brice Kuhl, a scientist at Stanford College managed to show that the tendency to discard old memories to make space for new ones is a sigh of better intelligence.


The participants of a study conducted at the University of New Mexico were asked to write sayings on specific cartoons. The participants with higher intelligence made funnier cartoons, which is why it was discovered that higher cleverness is linked to laughter.

Taking pleasure in reading

Studies have also shown that children who had better reading skills were much more intelligent compared to other participants. Reading is one of the most important resources when measuring physical expansion, which means people who love reading might be a lot smarter than others.

Becoming messy

Throughout history, many of the greatest minds were actually very messy. This link has been confirmed by studies too. Visual mess helps the mind focus more clearly, and contrary to popular opinion, chaos can inspire creativeness.

Staying up late

Scientists have shown that night owl are a lot smarter because their persistent spirit and better creativeness are linked to higher intelligence.

Taking on mental difficulties

Challenging yourself in order to test your understanding is only done by smart people. Highly intelligent people enjoy debating even if they end up being incorrect. The habit of tricking your brain and pushing its limits is a sigh of higher IQ.

Not needing much effort

Some people think that laziness is the reason why many don’t give their best at work, but according to researchers the person who does not work too hard might be smarter. Smart people work at the same objective as others, but they have a secret on how to achieve it faster.

Speaking with yourself

Speaking with yourself does not mean you have a mental problem. In fact, it can indicate better intelligence because this habit improves the mind’s functionality and helps you organize yourself more efficiently.

These 10 Signs Show That You Are Much More Intelligent Than Others

Written by salmon Berry