Men With Hairy Chests Tend To Be More Intelligent, Researchers Say

Men With Hairy Chests Tend To Be More Intelligent, Researchers Say

Hairy men tend to be seen as manly, strong, and even attractive. But according to researchers, men with hairy chests may also have another quality that can be added to that list— intelligence. According to researcher and psychiatrist Dr. Aikarakudy Alias, men who have hairy chests tend to be more educated, have better jobs, and higher grades than their male counterparts.

Hairy chests. Who would have thought that hairy chests would be associated with success and intelligence and not tacky 80s adult film movies? Thanks to Dr. Aikarakudy Alias, men with hairy chests are now earning the respect they deserve.

Research. His research, which took place over the course of two decades, has led him to believe that body hair and intelligence are somehow correlated. Alias performed research on medical students in the US and found that 45 percent of the men training to be doctors had hairy chests.

Grades. To further back up his claim, Alias noted that men in India who were studying to become engineers and doctors also had hair chests. “When academic ranking amongst students was examined, the hairier men got better grades,” said Alias, as reported by the Independent UK.

Smart. Furthermore, Alias then went on to study men who were members of Mensa and found that most of the men who belonged to the group had not just chest hair, but back hair as well. However, he did say that there have been certain men in history who lacked body hair yet were still smart.

Body hair. “Men with plentiful body hair tend to be more intelligent, but there are also very intelligent men with little or no body hair. Albert Einstein had no body hair,” said Alias, as reported by the Independent UK.

Good for you. When it comes to body hair in general, several experts have been quick to point out that having a lot of it could actually be good for you. According to expert Des Tobin, having hair on your body is vital for protecting your skin.

Wound. “If you compared a wound on the outside of a man’s arm, where the hair follicles are larger and more numerous, with a wound on the inside of the arm, the one on the outside would heal better, because of the increased stem cells and blood supply, among other factors,” continued Tobin.
Keeping warm. Another benefit of having body hair is the fact that it helps to keep us warm. This stems from the ancient times when people didn’t use clothing and relied on their hair to keep them warm during cold seasons.
Heat. “We do know bald heads lose more heat, and that when we’re cold, our body hair stands on end to trap warm air closer to the surface of the skin,” Tobin told the Daily Mail UK. Obviously, our hair isn’t what it was centuries ago, so you should probably put on a sweater just in case.
Bacteria. As we get older, we seem to grow hair in parts of our bodies that we didn’t know could grow hair. For example, in your ear or inside your nostrils. But what you might not know is that that hair protects bacteria and dust from getting into our bodies.
Infection. “When you pluck, you’re pulling the root out, which leaves a hole in the skin – that’s a potential source of infection, so you may want to avoid plucking when there are lots of infections around,” says George Murty, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.
Pubic hair. And ladies— be careful who shaving or waxing that bikini line. While many women may be self-conscious of pubic hair, it’s actually there for a reason, and removing it may lead to a yeast infection or some kind of other infection.
Chances of infection. Because there is a high concentration of follicles in this area, and increased sweat (on which bacteria feed), the chances of infection are higher,” says Austin Ugwumadu, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.
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