15 Things Men Will Always Do When They Hate The Relationship They’re In

15 Things Men Will Always Do When They Hate The Relationship They’re In

Love is an awesome thing and when you’re lucky enough to find it, it can be amazing. Unfortunately, not all kinds of love last forever, and some can actually turn sour before you’re even aware of it. If you’re unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of a breakup that blindsides you or a relationship that’s gone south without you realizing it, you might want to check out these 15 things that men will do when they hate the relationship they’re in.

Breaking up is hard to do, because no one wants to be the bad guy. However, it can be just as worse to drag things out and witness the love you once shared wither away and die. Guys can be especially hesitant to end something that was once good, particularly if the two of you have created a life together. While he might not be able to tell you to your face that things are over for whatever reason, if he’s doing any of these 15 things, then it’s because he’s already unhappy – and likely has been for a while. Save yourself the potential heartache and worry and read these, because everyone deserves love.

15. He’ll have major mood swings

If you’re in a situation you just can’t stand, you’re probably going to have a short fuse, even about the most trivial of things. The same goes for a guy who hates the relationship he’s stuck in. His moods will swing all over the place: one moment, he’ll be pretty content to do whatever, and the next he’ll lash out for absolutely no reason at all.

When he hates your relationship but doesn’t have the stones to end it, he’s likely to pick fights in order to plant seeds of doubt. Clearly, something is wrong between you two, but he’s not ready to pull the plug, or feels like he can’t for whatever reason. If you can’t keep track of what’ll make him angry from one moment to the next, it’s likely because he’s just not happy.

14. He’ll stop apologizing

Look, if he gave two craps about your relationship, when he made a big mistake he’d own up to his error and do whatever he could to set things right. However, if he doesn’t care much for you or your relationship, he’ll simply stop apologizing when he does something wrong. Why would he waste his breath if he wants things to be over and done with anyway?

Refusing to make up after a fight creates a lot of tension and resentment between the two of you, and he probably thinks that if he acts like a jerk often enough and for long enough, you’ll kick him to the curb so that he doesn’t have to be the one to do the dirty work. It’s a crummy move for him to pull, but nevertheless an effective one.

13. He’ll give you the silent treatment

No one likes a pouter, and this guy can sulk with the best of them! Shutting off all contact with you, be it in person, online, or via text, is his way of creating distance within your relationship.

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