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Things Men Do When They’re Truly Happy In A Relationship

Sometimes when you get into a relationship, we just assume that things are going to be lovey-dovey forever, and we’ll live happily ever after. That’s how all the fairy tales end, right? But sometimes, our assumptions are simply wrong, and we don’t end up getting that happily ever after. Why do relationships that seem so picture perfect from the outside end so unexpectedly? Well, the truth is that sometimes we’re blinded by our own emotions, and we barely stop to think about how the guy feels! We’re falling head over heels, so he must feel the same way, right? How can we tell if a guy is actually happy to be with us, or he’s just biding his time until someone better comes along? Well, you just have to know the right signs to look out for. Here are 15 signs that your guy is genuinely happy in your relationship.


He tells his mom all about you

Look, if a guy tells his mom about you, he really loves you. First of all, it’s always a good sign when a guy has a good relationship with his mom. This means that he knows how to respect a woman. Seriously, if a guy has a bad relationship with his mom, this could be a red flag in some cases. So, what does it really mean when a guy goes home and tells his mom all about how awesome you are? It means he really, truly cares about you. And not only that, it means that he sees a future with you. It means that you mean enough to him that he would open up to his mom about your relationship. Trust us, guys do not tell their moms about every single girl they meet, so if he does tell her, you must be pretty special! He’s a keeper!


His friends are happy to have you around

A guy’s friends can be super weird when he gets a girlfriend. They might feel a little territorial: after all, you’re encroaching on THEIR turf now. He was their friend before he was your boyfriend, and they still expect him to be “loyal” to them. If they find out he’s making you skip out on guy’s night to stay home and watch Netflix, well, they’re not going to be super happy about it. If a guy’s friends aren’t your biggest fans, your relationship could be at risk. But what if they actually enjoy having you around? Well, it means that you make him genuinely happy. It means that they can see you’ve made a positive change in his life and that you’re not just going to be a fling. You’re the real deal, and they know how important you are to him. So if a guy’s friends invite you around, you’re golden!

Written by Bugler