10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Male Body

We all make a lot of assumptions about men and about they can do and what they cannot do. There is no way that a man can feel period pain or can produce milk. But the truth can shock you. You will be amazed at these unfamiliar and outrageous facts about the male body. Prepare to get your socks blown off!

1. Men can lactate

  • Yes, you heard it here, men can lactate but just not enough to feed an actual baby. Let me break it down for you; male breasts have mammary glands and milk ducts as well as oxytocin and prolactin, hormones which are responsible for milk production. Though they have been cases of men producing milk through pervasive stimulation of the nipple, it is just not enough for a man to take on the role of breastfeeding a child. There are plenty of other ways to assist the mommy while she’s breastfeeding. How about we leave it to the women to get this one job done, shall we? However, this rare scenario occurs due to some major medical issues like the interference of prolactin hormone in the body. It can also be triggered by a brain tumor, the use of opioids and extreme starvation, heart medication or severe hormone treatment for prostate cancer.


2. Men can get period pains

  • You might think this is some joke, but a survey shows that a quarter of the men population experience period-like symptoms every month! Making them more sensitive, tired, irritable, hungry and even experiencing some cramping. This study was backed by the author of “The Irritable Male Syndrome,” Jed Diamond. He explained that men go through hormonal cycles just like women. Of course, men don’t have the pleasure of suffering through actual PMS relating to getting the uterus ready for fertilization of the egg when it’s time to conceive. Similarly, Couvade Syndrome is widely reported by men between 25 percent to 52 percent in all men who have a significant pregnant partner claiming they too experience symptoms of nausea, abdominal pain, bloating, appetite changes, leg cramps, and backaches. It has more to do with the jealousy from the women’s ability to procreate and bring another human being into this world. Let’s admit that is pretty cool, and I can see why men would be envious. This same theory could apply to menstruation as well, though I don’t know why a man would be jealous of a reoccurring cycle of pain, bloat, moodiness, and general discomfort. But it does explain why your male friend might be acting a little too catty than usual.


3. Men have hormone hits with parenthood too

  • A woman in labor releases an obscene amount of oxytocin known as the cuddle chemical which helps them to get through the painful contractions and to create a great bond with their new-born child. Studies show that the same chemical is released to help fathers to form a strong bond with the baby and ultimately become better fathers. There is also the production of milk in the male breast due to the surge of prolactin. Ruth Feldman of Bar-Ilan University in Israel claims that this increase in the hormones is “Evolution’s way of helping men turn into good parents.”


4. Men have estrogen

  • Both men and women have testosterone, known as the male hormone and estrogen, known as the female hormone, in their system. Although, estrogen might not be present in males in large amounts an excess in the production of estrogen can cause many medical problems like infertility, breast tissue growth, emotional disturbance, loss of muscle mass, type 2 diabetes, feeling of tiredness and erectile dysfunctions. However, there are many treatments out there to help you balance your hormones like eating cruciferous vegetables multiple times per week, getting the right exercise and taking the right supplements, so don’t worry you won’t be turning to a girl anytime soon.


5. All men were on the path to being female once

  • We were all once a tiny generic embryo. Although we have our female and male chromosome the distinction of the sex, it isn’t known until after a few weeks of implantation. Before the testosterone has a chance to kick in, the female hormone estrogen has already taken action making all baby boys into girls! By this point, the female body parts have already formed until the testosterone starts to do its magic. We can all dream of the world where girls rule the world, which they will but the male species pretty get too.


6. Men have thick skin

  • Men have thicker skin than women by 25 percent, and that’s thanks to the androgens present in their skin like testosterone. Dr. Diana Howard from the International Dermal Institute explains that structure and composition of both men and women’s skin change over time as well. Men’s skin begins to thin gradually with age whereas, the elasticity in women’s skin remains constant until they reach menopause and that is when they start to see a change in their skin. However, there are methods that men can use to avoid thinning and reverse the effect of aging on the skin by using wrinkle creams and sunblock to avoid sun damage that can cause wrinkles and age spots. But in the worst case, there’s always botox!


7. Men have bigger feet

  • Ever wondered why men are taller than even the tallest females you might know? It’s because they have bigger feet, even if they seem to be of the same height, males have larger and wider feet. Whereas women typically have smaller in steps, shorter ankles, higher arches, and shallower first toes than men too. The difference between men and women’s feet can better explain in Billy Goldberg, and Mark Leyner’s book “Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?” Having great feet comes with some great advantageous like being a great swimmer, having the ability to run faster, having great balance and being a great athlete and dancer!


8. Men have thousands of whiskers

  • Have you ever tried to personally count the number of hair on a man’s face? It’s best if you don’t start now. The number can range from 5000 to 25000 stubs of hair on the cheeks and chin. Men can grow about six inches of hair per year and remove about 27 feet of through the process of shaving. That takes approximately 60 hours of shaving per day on average which is equal to five years of his life spent shaving. Talk about a commitment to your razor. Having a hairy face for men can also mean that they can change up their looks by simply getting a beard, or a mustache or how about going bare face? The options are endless!


9. Male baldness isn’t always down to his mother

  • Most people believe that hair loss in men is passed down the mother. This statement is not so true, while the primary baldness genes are present on the X chromosome is known to belong to the mom, there are some other factors we must take into consideration. You are more likely to go bald if your father has a problem with hair loss and balding. It can start as early as 20 years of age, and by the time men reach 50, they are completely bald. By 60, two out of three men are bald, but this journey of baldness takes about 15 to 25 years. The first signs of balding are a receding hairline which can cause some major self-esteem issues, often resulting in lowering confidence. There is, however, a solution to this problem, hair transplants and wigs are a great solution to fixing this problem.


10. Men tend to use just one side of the brain

  • Studies have shown that men have a habit of performing tasks using only one side of their brain, typically the left side which is considered to be the more rational and logical side. Women use both the left and right hemispheres. Although women might have smaller brains in size ( eight percent), the size of the corpus callosum is larger in women. Meaning they can transfer data much quicker between the right and left than men can. Men have a stronger connection between the front and back region of the brain. That is why women are amazing at multitasking while men are great at navigating and other specific spatial thinking.
  • With all these unknown facts coming to light it does allow us to appreciate the men in our lives for all the struggle they too have to go through I guess now they can understand what it feels like to be on your period to some extent but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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