13 Jobs That Will Actually Pay You To See The World

13 Jobs That Will Actually Pay You To See The World

Last year, the median job tenure for workers aged 20 to 24 was shorter than 16 months, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That means from the day they got hired ’till the day they peaced out permanently was less than 1.5 years.

Some experts claim this is because millennials are restless, lack loyalty, or just straight up don’t care what job hopping looks like on a resume. So employers looking to attract the best young talent have started offering fringe benefits designed to keep these ADD-addled kids at their desks for more than five seconds. Among other things, these often include copious PTO and paid travel. But why settle for a week or two of vacation when seeing the world could actually BE THE JOB?

To prove that these jobs really do exist, we’ve collected some decently-paying opportunities for which traveling to the four corners of the Earth (or at least the country) is all part of the job description.

1. Diplomat


Not a joke! Diplomat may sound like a job for middle-aged politicians but it’s not. To qualify for a Foreign Service Officer position with the U.S. State Department you just have to have to be 20 years old and able to pass the Foreign Service Exam. The government pays for Officers to learn a new language and take culture classes. Then, Officers submit their preferences from a list of available jobs in countries around the world, then wait to hear where they will be stationed and what they will be doing. And it pays around $70k per year!

2. Roadie


There’s no guarantee it’ll be with a good band, but musicians/performers are always looking for tech savvy people with strong backs to take care of set up, lighting, sound, and all the other stuff that’s needed to make them sound good. Check out and the Theatrical Stage Employees Union to see who’s hiring.

3. English Teacher

In countries all over the world, kids are taught to speak English as a second language from a very young age (just another way other countries are cooler than America). Teaching English as a second language lets you work practically anywhere in the world. The pay is good, jobs often come with flights and accommodation provided, and you’ll be fully immersed in a new culture while doing something you already know how to do: speak English! Dave’s ESL Cafe has a massive listing of teaching jobs all over the world and Nomadic Matt is full of great blog posts about what it’s really like to teach in other countries.

4. Cruise Ship Crew Member

Luxury cruise lines are always looking for people to fill all sorts of no/low-experience jobs. A cruise ship needs everyone from cooks and cleaners to nursery staff, musicians, fitness instructors and beauty therapists, and if hired you’ll get paid to travel anywhere cruise lines go! If you’ve got a professional license/qualification and experience in customer service or hospitality you’re a great candidate. Find jobs on cruise line sites or aggregators like and

5. Amtrak Writer

Like to write AND travel? This Amtrak program for writer’s means you can get paidto finally write your novel while living on trains that are crisscrossing the country. According to Amtrak, the program was designed “to allow creative professionals who are passionate about train travel and writing to work on their craft in an inspiring environment.” Round-trip train travel is provided on an Amtrak long-distance route. Each resident will has use of a private sleeping roomette, equipped with a desk, a bed and a window so they can gaze on the passing scenery. Onboard meals are also offered to all residents in the dining car aboard the train.

6. Railroad Worker

If you’re not into writing on trains, how about just running them? The average railroad job, including benefits, pays more than $108,000 annually, and many involve travel. If you’re a veteran, your chances of landing one of these sweet gigs is even better: “The railroads are also committed to providing work for veterans, and have made nearly 10,000 new veteran hires since 2012,” reports Business News Daily. For a list of all of the country’s freight railroad carriers and links to their websites with job openings, visit the American Association of Railroads.

7. National Park Worker

grand canyon nps

Becoming a National Park Ranger is rather involved and difficult, but what about all the other people it takes to make a Park — and the resorts, campgrounds, and gift shops located in them — go ’round? Cool Works is a great website where you can find off-the-beaten-path jobs, with listings for management, retail, food service, and maintenance positions in and around some spectacular National Parks.

7. International Tour Bus Driver

Do you love taking road trips? Well allow us to introduce you to your new career as a tour leader with G Adventures. The company will train you to deliver unforgettable tour experiences in a place that you’re passionate about. Tour operators, or CEOs, are hired to live and work abroad for 18 month contracts. Destinations include every continent except Antarctica!

8. Flight Attendant

Want to be able to spend a night or two in various cities all over the country (and maybe world)? Even when just starting out most flight attendants get paid more than minimum wage, and a degree is rarely required. Sure, you’ll have to do that seatbelt-tray table song and dance, but you’ll also earn free or heavily discounted tickets for yourself and your family

9. Travel Nurse

Have nursing degree, will travel? If that’s you in a nutshell, don’t waste your time in a boring domestic hospital. Travel nurses are placed in international hospital assignments for several months at a time, and then move around the country depending on where they’re needed — with housing and full medical benefits often provided. Some — but not all — jobs require you to be a Registered Nurse. Search to find assignments by location and travel availability.

10. Trucker

Being a truck driver isn’t an easy job: You’re alone a lot, sometimes in sketchy places, and it requires a commercial driver’s license to even be considered. On the other hand, you don’t have to put up with co-workers, sometimes you’re alone in beautiful places, and it pays awfully well. The Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association is a good place to start to look for jobs and learn what is required.

11. Recruiter

Whether it’s for a Fortune 500 company or a college athletic team, recruiters are expected to travel around the country in search of the best new talent. Recruiters need a college degree in an applicable field (usually liberal arts), and a background in something business-y, like sales or administration. There is such a thing as a recruiting “season” during which you’ll probably rack up a bunch of airline and hotel points as you jet set across the country.

12. Adventure Nanny

Love kids? Don’t mind hanging out with them by the pool while their parents are off sailing yachts, or whatever? You might have what it takes to be an Adventure Nanny. If you’ve got the know-how chops, this site will help you find a job with good families, many of whom will pay you to go on vacation with them.

13. Destination Fitness Instructor

Some people actually LIKE to work out on their vacation. It’s crazy, I know, but if you also love working out, why not be the one who gets to train them? This site helps you gain experience as a fitness instructor by placing you at resorts all around the world.

by Beth Buczynski
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13 Jobs That Will Actually Pay You To See The World

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