27 Incredible Acts Of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

We are all human and humanity should be in our blood by default. But in this time, when inhuman acts are prevailing all over the World, there are some such humans are there, who reminds us that we should not forget our humanity at any cost and this World needs those SUPERHEROS badly because they are the savior of this World. So, lets have a look to some such acts of kindness which will fill our heart our heart with humanity.



This racing wheelchair fulfils the dream of Austin by winning four Gold medals and a Canadian speed record. But his family was unable to buy this equipment for him and then Sunshine Foundation came into picture by donating him this racing wheelchair and thus proves that by showing a small kindness, we can help to achieve a big success of a person.



All human are my friend. The picture really depicts this. A group of Christians in Chicago apologized to the gay community for the intolerance of the Church. By hugging with gay person, they prove that all human are equal in their vision irrespective of their social state.





Another simple act of humanity that a man named Meter Homie fixed the issue of this equipment and ensured the stranger that it is now on full working capacity. How some small help can give a big result, now we can understand?



Wow! No words to say anything! Water is life and in hot summer days we can understand it very well. But what will be the situation if you are away from your house without having any source of water with you? You will be dehydrated and sometimes it can make you faint or other difficulty in your body. But what a kind act it is to keep a source of water for all who need it badly during heat wave. So good people are still there all around of us.



What could be kinder act to help an ill man mentally? A man, whose favorite work was receiving and opening letters, requested the Reddit Community to send mails to him and they responded his request by sending him mails and thus they helped that man to relax mentally to some extent.



Another great act of kindness to give foods to the hungry people. Really hats off to this owner of the Turkish Bakery, who put bread out of the Bakery for the needy people in free of cost.



Doctors are considered next to God and if any Doctor provides free medical checkup for the needy people, what can we call him? Well! Definitely think about it! Here the kind person is Dr. Dave Ores, who offered free medical checkup for the Hurricane Sandy affected people.

Written by Bugler