If You Like Being Alone Then You Probably Have These 6 Personality Traits

If You Like Being Alone Then You Probably Have These 6 Personality Traits

If you enjoy spending time alone with your own thoughts and mind, you are a very special person. Some people love being alone in order to recharge their energy and prepare themselves for reconnecting with the world. Here are 6 personality traits of loners. Take a look at them and see whether you have them.

1. You have boundaries that you respect

Setting boundaries means you keep a distance between you and other people. This does not mean you are a social freak, you just like to let other people know where you draw the line and that they should not cross it. This applies to both physical as well as psychological boundaries. The latter is about sharing a particular amount of information that you are comfortable with without invading other people’s or your own privacy.

2. You value time, yours and other people’s too

You have organized your everyday life and you want other people to respect that. This means that you have planned your working time and your free time. However, you also value the private lives of other people too and you maintain a healthy distance with them. This is not arrogant behavior, it is more of a healthy way to stay in touch with yourself and to prevent other people from taking advantage of you.

3. You are comfortable with your thoughts

If you like spending time alone it means you like being alone with your own thoughts. You have more time to rethink your ideas, plans, and future goals, as well as past situations and experiences. If you are truly comfortable with your thoughts, you are also comfortable with your mind and only then you will be prepared to share them with other people.

4. You are calm and composed

Since you are able to understand your mind, emotions and thoughts you are more calm and relaxed. You have analyzed almost every possible situation and you have a prepared solution for each. You are completely aware that understanding the problem is very important for solving it. And if you are close with your true self, you will be calm even during tough situations.

5. You are loyal

Nowadays, it is very rare for people to be loyal. Loners are usually very loyal because they only have a close group of friends that they have carefully chosen. These are the people they consider worthy of their time and they will be always here for them.

6. You are addicted to solitude

Since you value your own time so much, spending too much of it on other people and their problems and having no free time for yourself is out of the picture. You truly enjoy the world you have created for yourself, and it has become a sort of addiction that you love. Achieving inner peace and loving your alone time is beautiful and you will never want to lose it. You are also your best friend which is very important.

If You Like Being Alone Then You Probably Have These 6 Personality Traits

Written by salmon Berry