If Any of These Animals Show Up too Often, You’re Being Contacted From ‘Above’

When things are going wrong there is no doubt in my mind that somehow we are being contacted. There is always a warning sign sent from above whether we notice it or not.

For those who actually believe in this sort of thing how many times have you seen animals that you normally wouldn’t see linger just long enough for you to notice them? Animals are messengers, they all have an important purpose here in this world.
They walk beside us and help us to understand the world we live in each day. We can learn a lot from them.

It is important that we respect all living things. The ancients have always considered animals to be sacred and many have used their behavior as clues or signs to what was to come in life.

By paying attention to the animals that come to us we will gain a deeper understanding of the energy surrounding us. If you want to find out what the animal you think is sending you a message is trying to say take these meanings into consideration.

These animals can come to you in person or in your dreams.

1. Fox

Foxes are reminders that we need to consider a different approach when it comes to our lives.

You need to readjust the way you are doing things. For some foxes can come to remind you that you are taking things too seriously and need to have some fun.

2. Wolf

This means you need to pay attention to those around you.
The world could mean that uniting with your loved ones is something you should do to make it through the next chapter of your life.

3. Butterfly

Butterflies will come around to remind you that you need to change or release any feelings that are holding you back. You have growing to do.

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