How To Forgive Yourself.

Forgiving Yourself can be a tough one because the person who feels angry and the person you’re angry with is the same person – YOU! We get stuck in self-judgment.  We can’t let ourselves off the hook. Maybe we betrayed our own integrity. Maybe we betrayed someone we love. We think we are bad and we don’t know how to get over it.

Steps for self-forgiveness:

1) See your own innocence.

Close your eyes and imagine you are two:  one of you is your childhood self, the other of you is your higher self.  See how innocent that child is?  If she did do something wrong – she didn’t do it on purpose!  Her intentions were pure.
She is beautiful.  Sweet.  Loveable.  In your higher self, go to her and hug her.  Give her some of the love she never had.  Drink it in for a while.

2) Wipe that slate and start again. 

Close your eyes and imagine you are two:  one of you is the higher self, and the other of you is the one who did something you’re not proud of.

3) Love yourself. 

From your higher-self perspective, open your heart.  Go to the “bad” part of you and hug her. Imagine love pouring out of your heart and showering her with it.  You may imagine that she resists it.  That’s ok – stay with it anyway.  Shower love.  Say, “You made a mistake, but I know that you are good in your core.  The mistake can be repaired.  Love will show you how to make repairs with those whom you have wronged. I give you the gift now of release.  You may start anew here.”  Let the love seep into the places that you cannot forgive in yourself.  Let it wash you.  If you stay with it, it will change these places… you’ll feel and visualize shifts happening right before your inner eyes.  Let the sighs come.  Let the ease come.  Feel the pressure lift.

4)  Do this every day until you can see yourself differently.

5) Clean things up with others.

If it’s possible, repair the damage with people you have hurt.  Make amends.  That’s all that’s required.  If you are sincere, they will know, and you will know.  Constant and repeated penance is not necessary.

You’ve heard it before – you’re human.  You make mistakes like everyone else.  The TRUTH is – there is no mistake you could make in all the world that would make you un-lovable.

There is no action, word or thought that is un-forgivable.  Spiritual growth means we must do the deep work of self-forgiveness.  Until this work is complete, we’ll have trouble moving on into healthy relationships with others.  The Universe doesn’t make mistakes…. and our mistakes are not what we think they are.  Every moment is a brilliant opportunity for spiritual evolution.  Self love is the beginning.

Written by Paige Bartholomew
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