How To Boost Your Testosterone? 7 Natural Ways


Testosterone is the male hormone par excellence. In any case, it was … Several studies have revealed that our average testosterone has dropped by 20% in 15 years! Polluted environment, sedentary lifestyle and failing diet will they be right for your manhood? Not necessarily, if you decide to act.

By injecting you directly from the testo in the ass? Frankly it is not recommended. It’s effective in the short term but the side effect is crying (literally and figuratively, by the way): since you inject, your body stops producing… and the effect is sustainable, so you become the equivalent of a eunuch when you stop. At Testosteronerd you will find all the tips and supplements for men.

You can start by trying these 7 techniques for 3 months to get started…

1. Get Enough Sleep

A low-quality or low-grade sleep can reduce your testosterone by more than 30% (same for your growth hormone). Before looking for magic solutions to regain your manhood, start by sleeping at least 7 hours per night …


2. Drink Less Alcohol

A happy hour does not make hormones happy at all: consuming alcohol can reduce your testosterone for 24 hours , lowering your growth hormone levels and increasing your cortisol (the stress hormone, the one that causes binge ).

3. Lift Weights

It is not a matter of inflating machines but of lifting heavy stuff in weightlifting or power-lifting type compound movements . According to a study by Baylor University, you boost your testosterone levels for 48 hours… So prefer compound exercises such as squat, bench press and shoulder for optimum results.

4. Eat Eggs

The cholesterol in the yolk improves your blood HDL (the “good” cholesterol), which is essential for making testosterone. In addition, eggs are high in protein and zinc, supporting your internal production of testosterone and growth hormone.

5. Avoid Sugar

Your testosterone level goes down as your blood sugar goes up, which happens every time you eat fast carbs. For example, your testosterone level drops by 25% just by swallowing a sweet drink and this effect lasts for at least 2 hours. It is better to avoid that it happens again several times during the day …

6. Eat Healthy Lipids

Trans or hydrogenated fatty acids, it’s shit and it gives you cancer (among others). In contrast, omega-3 mono-unsaturated fatty acids help your body preserve protein and produce more hormones. So you can double your intake of avocado, salmon, chis seeds … or swallow capsules!

7. Take The Sun

Exposing your skin to the sun for 20 minutes can increase testosterone levels by 120%.

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