How dogs choose their favorite human

how dogs choose their favorite human

Sometimes owning a dog and taking care of it about everything is not going to make you his favorite person. Even though you are the one who raised your dog, it may run to your brother or sister as soon as it sees them.

Since the caregiver is not always a dog’s favorite person, in this article, we are going to talk about how dogs choose their favorite human. Each dog is different, but there are some generalizations that apply.

Socialization is Important

It is really hard for a lot of dogs to bond during the period of socialization (between birth and 6 months). At this period, the brains of dogs are very receptive, and the way they experience socialization will have an impact on their lives.

That is the reason why it is very important to make sure your puppy to have positive interactions with humans, things, and places. For instance, if a dog has never seen a human with a hat, may become really afraid of people with hats.

If you have adopted your dog when it was an adult, do not worry, you have still time to make it adore you because continued socialization is very important as well.

What Increases the Bond?

Most dogs usually bond with the people who give them the most attention. For instance, in one family where there are parents and two kids, the dog may prefer the parent that feeds its bowl each morning and takes it for a walk.

Also, physical affection is very important too. If a person is distant and cold, the dog may be as well. It is not all about the amount of time you spend with your dog, the quality matters more.

Positive Association

Besides the attention and affection, dogs prefer some people more because of their association. So, a positive person who is a source of positive stuff has better chances of bonding with a dog.

A dog also knows that the one that gives it food is an important person in its life. Interestingly, dogs do not like people with whom they have a negative association. For example, a dog may find it hard to be friends with a vet.

The positive association can be used in socializing and in training. Your guests may try to meet your dog and give them treats in order to establish a positive association.

The Personality of People and Dog Breed

Dogs usually choose people that match their personality and energy level. A more reserved and cautious dog may be bonded more to a person that is much like it. And, there are some dog breeds that bond to only one favorite person, such as:

  • Cairn terrier
  • Basenji
  • Shiba Inu
  • Greyhound

Become Your Dog’s Favorite Person

Well, if you feel like you are not the favorite human of your dog, do not be sad. There are ways that can help you strengthen that bond. The most fun and easiest way is to spend half an hour of one-on-one time every day.

But, your bonding needs to be focused and active, we are not talking about walks, watching TV etc. Try some of the activities below:

  • Training session – work on some new skills
  • Play hide and seek, tug, or fetch
  • Try some sport like flyball or agility, and work as a team
  • Homemade meals, make mealtime a bonding activity and make eye contact
  • Massage or a grooming session

Make sure to take a good care of your pet, give it positive experiences, and respect it. You will get a lot of love in return!

Source Rover  Via Realpositiveexperience

how dogs choose their favorite human