How Do You Show Anger According To Your Zodiac Sign

How Do You Show Anger According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all get angry sometimes and it is a perfectly normal human reaction. Sometimes we just have had enough and it only takes a small detail to get us out of track. Anger is normal and healthy as long as we keep it under control. Every Zodiac sign has a different way of expressing anger. The following article might help you figure out how you should deal with your anger issues in order to react calmly in the future.



This is one of the three fire signs which can burn you unless you know how to deal with them. They have a short temper and easily get angry. They are very passionate about life and can get frustrated if someone is blocking their path. Aries usually have lots of qualities, but their dark side prevails when things don’t go as they planned. They don’t provoke people most of the time and they have a very stubborn nature. People might feel like they have to walk on eggshells when around Aries in order to prevent the eruption of a fiery volcano. But, even though they get angry quickly, they also quickly forget what caused them to be upset. They forgive and forget so don’t worry about Aries holding grudges against you.


They don’t get angry very easily, but once you make them angry you need to be very careful as they quickly become passive-aggressive. They also tend to shut people out if they have been wronged a lot. However, they rarely admit when they have been hurt so it is hard to even tell you have hurt them. But if they use the silent treatment, there is definitely something wrong. Taurus are especially hurt by lies, betrayal or infidelity. Other times they don’t let things bother them too much. Once they are upset, give them some time to sort things out in their heads. They are very independent and stubborn so it is not a good idea to push them too much. Taurus will talk with you when they are ready, then they will have your full attention and a lot of things to say. But, be careful because they tend to hold grudges, and it is difficult for a Taurus to go back to the same level once you have betrayed them.


Geminis are difficult to deal with because it is hard to know what to expect from them. They often say one thing and do something completely different and easily change their mind. They are very difficult people to understand. They don’t have hot tempers and if they are mad they will tell you openly. They also don’t dwell on it for too long as they don’t want to spend lots of time letting things get under their skin. Sometimes they talk even too much about the things they are mad about so be prepared to hear about it for some time. Geminis don’t like being told what to do or to be controlled, so if you avoid doing these two things, you are likely to stay on their good side.


They have a compassionate, gentle and sweet nature which people often abuse and take advantage of. This can make Cancers feel underappreciated, so if you wrong them you should be the person who will try to get back in touch. They tend to be very passive-aggressive and will never tell you that you have made them mad. It is difficult to deal with them unless you have strong intuition and good ability to read body language. Cancers get hurt very easily sometimes, however, most of the times they don’t overreact about every little thing. They often hide their feelings until they blow up, so make sure you check up on them. If you are really worried about them, the effort is going to be worth it, and the best thing is to show them that you care. Cancers expect to get the same level of loyalty and love from their loved ones. They will forgive you eventually but you need to give them time.


They are a fire sign with a hot temper, so it is not difficult to understand why they have a short temper. Leos will let you know when you have angered them, but don’t expect them to resolve things in a mature way. They might throw tantrums such as rolling around the floor, throw things or might do anything just to get your attention. But, don’t take anything to heart because they need to let their feelings out. They burst fast but they also calm down fast, so don’t worry they will go back to normal very fast if you have angered a Leo.


This is the most patient sign with probably the least amount of anger. They don’t do well with emotions so never expect them to tell you if they are mad at you. They often keep their feelings to themselves and eventually get over them. But, if you have hurt them bad enough, don’t expect easy forgiveness. Even though they usually have a calm temper, they still use ways to express their anger such as being passive-aggressive. They don’t like confronting feelings, so they might walk away or hide. They might forgive but they almost never forget.


This sign is trying to avoid anger at all costs and they would rather restore and keep balance instead of causing any disruptions. They are doing their best to avoid conflict even if they are very upset. They often give people second chances because of their very sensitive nature. Even though many things get under their skin, they usually keep them to themselves. Libras never do the first move when it comes to confrontation, and the best way to figure out whether they are angry at you, is to pay attention how long it has been since they last contacted you. However, they tend to hold grudges and could bring up your past mistakes in future arguments.


Scorpios express their anger with their body language. Since they are very self-respecting, you can’t expect them to admit what made them vulnerable and upset. But, pay attention to their facial expressions, and especially their eyes which give away their anger easily. Scorpios want to get even and often revenge, so try not to get on their bad side. They are the worst when they are quiet because that is when they are plotting how to get back at you. When they are angry give them space to cool down. They might contact you sooner than you expect, but sometimes they will need more time. Never push them until they are ready, it will only make them angrier.


This fire sign never tolerates betrayal or disloyalty and if you made them mad prepare to hear about it for a long time. They tend to react like a detonated bomb, so try to walk away quickly and give them time. They often get very sarcastic when angry, so it is one of the best ways to determine whether they are mad at you. They are often embarrassed because of their hot temper and try to hold their reactions and avoid expressing their emotions in front of others. They need some time to calm down. Sometimes they are not sure whether they overreacted over nothing, and they often create problems just because they are bored due to their problem solving and analyzing nature.


This Earth sign does not get angry often and would rather restore peace and invest energy in it instead of wasting it on anger. But once they get angry, run away. They tend to store tension for months and once they start letting it out, you don’t want to be around. Try to avoid being the person who makes them lose it, because they don’t forget easily and often make a huge scene when expressing their emotions. They tend to set high standards for others and if they fail to meet them, it makes them angry and disappointed. But as long as you follow a Capricorns moral code, you will remain on their good side.


They can’t stand arguments and if you have angered them, don’t expect them to be around for a long time. They tend to cool down by going for a long drive or spending time in nature. But if the situation requires immediate reaction, they will always do it classy. They tend to mask their emotions with smooth-talking. But, you will hear about the problem later once they have had time to deal with their emotions. Aquarius tend to write off people without even warning them, if they don’t mean that much to them.


The emotions of Pisces run so deeply that they often get angry over nothing. But, they will never let you know. They hate arguing and want to avoid it at all times. Pisces tend to accumulate emotions but they often let them loose when they are alone. They usually play angry metal music, cry, scream or throw things to make themselves feel better.

How Do You Show Anger According To Your Zodiac Sign

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