12 Household Tricks That Can Save You Tons of Time and Energy

12 Household Tricks That Can Save You Tons of Time and Energy

Most of us work and don’t have any extra time for our daily chores. We need to learn some tricks to cut that time. And we are going to show you 12 of such tricks and some of those have been used for years, however, we were too stubborn teenagers and young adults to listen to the grownups and actually learn from them.

Needle and Thread – We have been doing it WRONG!

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Stop doing this the old classic way. I am not saying that it’s impossible to do it, the old way, however, there is one easier way. Place the thread in your palm. Don’t pull it or anything. Now, bring the needle to the thread (bottom down), place it along the thread and straighten it.

Label Removal

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No matter how much you try, some labels simply don’t want to come off. Next time you should try to heat them up with a hairdryer.

How to Easily Clean the Shower Head

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To easily clean your shower head, you don’t have to dismantle and scrub the entire head. You only need to carefully wrap it in a bag filled with vinegar and leave it like that overnight.

Use an Old Electric Brush to Clean all the Tiles

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It is not hard to find an old, used electric toothbrush. You quite possibly have at least one laying around somewhere. Well, don’t waste it! Use it to clean those tiles!

Latex Gloves and Glue For a Clean Sofa

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If you have pets you know that even the vacuum cleaners can’t fully remove all the hair that’s come off your pets. However, there is a solution. Buy an ordinary latex glove, put a drop or two of glue on that glove and move your hand across the furniture you would like to clean.

Keep Bananas Fresh!

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If you want to keep those bananas (or a banana) fresh, you can try wrapping up its base with tin foil. Just like you can see on the image.

Shoe Storage is good for storing cleaning supplies.

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Cleaning products are usually all around the house. I keep some in my kitchen, under the sink, and behind the bathroom doors. Well, there is no need for that. You can actually use a hanging shoe shelf to easily store all those cleaning supplies.

Protect Your Chargers

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Well, all you need is a spring from an old pen. Just use it as a Kevlar for your cable.

Make Washing Hands a More Interesting Experience

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Kids don’t like wasting time on anything like washing their hands. They simply don’t see the point. Well, make it more interesting. Just put some LEGOs into the bottle of a liquid soap and make it more interesting….

A Glass of Water and the Microwave

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Some leftovers become dry and tasteless after they are heated up in the microwave. Fix that by putting a glass of water alongside that pizza or pie.

Brush Drilling

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What wouldn’t you use everything you can to make the life easier!? Take a drill and attach a brush to that drill. No more scrubbing.

This is Just Cheating – How to Pour Water into the Bucket

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Buckets are larger than sinks faucets. And some bathrooms don’t have baths. How do you fill up a bucket that simply can’t fit into the sink… Attach some kind of a water hose? Well, no. Place a scoop under the faucet, and problem solved.

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12 Household Tricks That Can Save You Tons of Time and Energy

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