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Hollywood Movies Based On The Same Plot

Most people consider Hollywood to be the ultimate source for high quality movies. They aren’t wrong most of the time, but some of these movies are literally just copies of another. Quite a few movies are based on the exact same plot, and if you have watched one of them, you will feel that you are seeing the same movie when you go to see the other one.

Take a look at the top Hollywood movies which share the same plot.

1. No Strings Attached / Friends With Benefits

These two movies are literally so same that the only reason why you should one instead of the other depends on which cast you think is more attractive. movies with the same plot

2. White House Down / Olympus Has Fallen

Both these movies are assassination thrillers, and are based on the exact same plot. The movies are definitely good, so make sure that you watch only one of them if you are interested in that genre. movies based on the same plot

3. Beauty and the Beast / Shrek

One might not notice their similarities instantly, but if you take a closer look, you will realise that the Shrek is just a more comical version of the former movie. The plot is almost same, although the movies appear completely different. movies with similar plots

4. Prince Of Egypt / Thor

Both of these movies share the same plot – an evil brother trying to ruin the life of the elder brother. movies that are the same

5. Antz / A Bug’s Life

While “A Bug’s Life” can be considered to be more successful than the former movie, both of them were based on the same story.two movies that are similar

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