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22 Hilarious Pets Who Are The Biggest Jerks

22 Hilarious Pets Who Are The Biggest Jerks

As much as we love the cuddly fur balls in our lives, sometimes our pets can be downright mean.
Being sweet and innocent only gets our animals so far, so eventually their mean streaks start to show. Whether it’s annoying a fellow animal or just driving their humans absolutely crazy, there’s a vengeful side of all pets that can cause them to act out without a care in the world.

And while it might not be funny in the moment, we’re able to look back at our devilish pets and laugh about all the hard times they’ve sent our way. But when it comes to being a seriously adorable jerk, nothing can compare to these 22 devious pets.

1. “Peek-a-boo, I see you!”

2. “We can return him to the store for a refund, right?”

3. You didn’t need to stay cool this summer, did you?

Reddit / C_Aveman

4. I’m not sure that’s what they mean when they say cat nap.

Imgur / baguilla

5. Are you comfortable?

Reddit / Elluztale

6. He picked the best seat in the house.

Reddit / Arterially

7. “We don’t believe in privacy in this house!”

Reddit / baabaaredsheep

8. “That’s what you get for trying out downward dog before!! Don’t think I didn’t see you!”

Reddit / ninjasoundtech

9. Did somebody order a cheese pizza with extra fur balls?

Reddit / k3vbomb

10. Smokey the cat has a bit of a shoe fetish.

Reddit / 604GT

11. Looks like somebody needs to have “the talk” about becoming a woman.

Reddit / h-h-c


12. “We all float down here, right dad?”

Imgur / GregEnsom
Imgur / GregEnsom
Imgur / GregEnsom

13. No food for you.

Reddit / Olofstrom

14. You had two pans of kitty litter and you still couldn’t make it.

Reddit / AndyWarwheels

15. It does add a decorative effect.

Reddit / WashCapsFan

16. Someone always has to be the center of attention.

Reddit / timehack

17. “What do you mean? We’re just hanging around.”

Reddit /

18. “A flock of birds came in and left this mess. I don’t know why you think I would do something like this.”

Imgur / everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt

19. Let this be a reason to always check your helmet before going for a ride.

Reddit / GallowBoob

20. “Maybe if I take away their TV they’ll pay attention to the REAL entertainer in this house!”

Reddit / WavyGlass

21. That feeling when you have to move because your cat is an underwear thief.

Reddit / benji
Reddit / benji

22. Fido just thought the inside needed cleaning, too!

Imgur / JKreines

Ah, our furbabies. You can’t live with ’em, but you definitely can’t live without ’em either


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22 Hilarious Pets Who Are The Biggest Jerks