8 Facts About Hickeys You Never Heard Before

Everyone has heard of the word ‘Hickey,’ which is commonly known as a love bite which commonly happens during a make out session. Many have felt the thrill of feeling great when given one of these, but not many seem to know much about what Hickeys are. So here is to broadening your education.

1. Sticking Around

Most hickeys will last for about two weeks before disappearing off your skin so don’t panic if you feel like it should have gone after a few days.


2. A ‘Love’ Injury

It may be known as a love bite, purely because your partner lovingly bites you, but it causes an injury on your body. What happens is a blood vessel is mostly popped because of the pressure on the skin, this is how a bruise is created.


3. How to help the Swelling?

There isn’t a way to get rid of these marks completely, but the best way to at least reduce the swelling by putting ice on it for a few minutes which will keep the obviousness of the mark much less.


4. Iron Deficiency

Many people don’t get enough iron in their bodies which makes you bruise extremely easily because then the blood particles break up easily and leave a lot of swelling.


5. Hard-core

As much as you might enjoy giving or receiving a hickey, always be careful that you do not overdo it. Else the hickeys will start to leave behind scars, which will never go away.

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