13 Guilty Pleasures All Introverts Secretly Share but Won’t Admit To

All Introverts Secretly Share but Won’t Admit To

They say every phase is temporary in life, be it happy times or sad. Well, in actual the reality is a lot twisted and blur. It is a person on how he wants to address his life in these times. People choose to be in their shells, and some become social bees. Introvert people are the ones who remain in their bubbles and keep themselves away from human interactions and more importantly, friendships. They are categorized as shy, silent and reserve. However, this whole idea of introverts is covered in a haze of misconceptions.

There’s a huge misconception about introverts that they cannot socialize. So if you see someone in a gathering who cannot start a conversation, it is all your right to tag him introvert as per society’s false standards. In real, introverts can socialize and make connections; it’s just that they choose not to. They are complete people who only go for genuine relationships and connections. Furthermore, in this article, we will prove that introverts have all the capabilities to exist in a crowd. Otherwise, they won’t have any jobs. Being an introvert comes in the category of personality traits and by no means is a deficiency. Introversion is bliss if it’s done right by someone.

1. The joy of Cancelled Plans

To many, this is the worst moment when they are informed that the friend they were meeting, canceled the meet up last minute. There is no such grief for the introverts because for them the cancellation is just a simple gesture. This also depicts how they expect less from people around them and that results in less pain and mood swings. The more uncomplicated joy of life is to go with the flow and happiness will surely find its way to you. Life is full of stress, so the additional pressure of petty things can make things even further complicated. Cancellation of plans and friendship issues should not impact life even to the slightest bit.

2. Can’t take your call. Please leave me a message

In the times of the technology-driven world, it is inevitable to ignore excessive human interaction over the phone. Due to the second mobile network, everyone is on the phone 24/7. This results in unnecessary conversations and dragged talks. Introverts, on the other hand, avoid calls with all its drawbacks and focuses on precise conversations through texting. Not every time a call is needed, texting is always a good idea. While texting a man exactly knows and evaluate the situation before reacting to it. This habit develops a sense of maturity in them which aids their personality throughout the period.

3. Observe and observe

When it comes to introverts, they are often seen observing and evaluating situations and people. They are keen observers and always know the situation before taking any steps or moves. This helps them from unnecessary fights, heartbreaks, and shaky talks. Extroverts are usually the first ones to get hurt and then complain about it all the time. Observing surroundings and individuals is an art, and everyone needs to learn it.

4. Avoiding the small talks and chit-chats

How many times we talk to people just for the sake of talking to someone. In this way, we lose the essence and quality of a conversation because the intention behind is not meaningful. Introverts only initiate the conversations for the sake of a useful purpose, and that is why their conversations are way less in numbers. In simpler words, quality over quantity formula adopted. Excess of everything is bad so limiting and filtering communications is the best tool for successful bonding.

5. More time to be creative

While extroverts spend most of their time in making an image out in the world, introverts analyze and find their inner spirit. When one has more time to himself/herself, then they eventually find their hidden talents and experience creativity. Famous psychologists Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Gregory Feist have proved that the majority of creative people in a variety of fields are usually introverts. Endless surveys and statistics further show this.

6. Eating Alone is always a good idea

Science has proved that dining alone has more benefits than we can imagine. First of all, an introvert who eats alone experiences heightened the sensory experience. He gets more time to absorb the warmth of nearby surroundings, smells and can eat at his own pace which is very beneficial for the digestion system. One more thing is guaranteed that the introvert will never get bored with his company unlike hanging out with office colleagues that make eating experience annoying. He is unlikely to disappoint himself because he doesn’t expect anything from himself.

7. Avoiding Situations with a dead end

Generations of generations are figuring out the question, ‘When to know it’s enough’ This issue goes in all cases. The best part of being an introvert is that they exactly know when to walk away when things get salty. Instead of the blame game, long discussions and accusations Introverts simply avoid all this drama from their life. It works wonders for them in their personal and working lives handlings. Lesser fights lead to mind peace and eventually a healthier and happier life ahead of an introvert.

8. Imagination and Inner Rich Worlds

Imagination is the most satisfying habit if one adopts it. It is like an escape from the hardships of the world and imagining all the things that might never happen. For an introvert, imagination is the favorite resort to fly. An introvert will remain content in his worlds of imagination. He will be able to experience all kinds of emotions and will be able to use his imagination as an escape from the world. Imagination fills all the gaps of the insecurities and wishes of an introvert. It is the lifeblood of a healthy life. However, an excess of imagination can lead to unrealistic expectations from life and leads to cognitive depressions.

9. Being Indifferent is important

Just because the fashion trend comes, we all wish to follow it; a new restaurant place is famous so we should go, this all is a part of our routines. We tend to please the people around us by coming up with their standards. However, being an introvert means you do not have to care about anything like that because you set your own goals and trends. An introvert is not entitled to behave in certain ways because he prefers himself over any plans or trends. So switching off the phone and enjoying a book is always something many people dream of but only introverts end up doing.

10. Are you your best friend

Mandy Hale very well said, “When you are your own best friend, you don’t endlessly seek out relationships, friendships, and validation from the wrong sources because you realize that the only approval and validation you need is your own.” Introverts are experts in this regard because emotionally they are stable than the other people. They don’t invest in other people’s expectations and deep down know that no one is their best friend. When no one is the best friend of a person, then he understands the value of being his best friend.

11. Can an introvert make better friends

In friendships, it is all about being there for each other and introverts have this high quality of listening. Listening to other’s problems means that one can understand them better and can be there for their friend in need. In this way, introverts make better friends, and the friendships last very long. It is always about giving and being consistent in a relationship at the end of the day. There is no such thing as not giving time and attention to their close friends because an introvert does not befriend the entire country and can surely take time out for the chosen close friends.

12. Sleeping Patterns are goals

Sleep and Eat are our favorite hobbies, but we will never be able to get them enough. However, introverts always make time for their sleep and prioritize it as their necessity. This aids in their health and spiritually nourish their soul. According to Stephen Diamond, Introversion is a state where introverts find sleep and dreams as the most exciting part of the journey. Sleeping is also another alternative of ignoring the surroundings and enjoying another state of comfort and loneliness. For introverts, sleep is about receiving wisdom, mental peace, and energy to deal with the outer world. For their soul nourishment, rest works for them like meditation.

13. Meeting New People all the time

An introvert is not surrounded by tons of friends around him in colleges or at a workplace which results in a lot of time to observe the surrounding. They not only see things but also meet new people all the time. They are probably somewhere sitting alone on the playground or a café which gives an approachable sign that new people come and interact with them. On the other hand, extroverts are always occupied with their buddies that they miss out the opportunity to meet and greet new people. What if that new friendship could do wonders in their life? Well, they wouldn’t even know!

Written by Bugler