Get Rid Of Back Pain In Minutes By Doing Any Of These 5 Feet Exercises…

Our feet are an integral contributor to our overall health.

This is a fact we don’t really appreciate as most of us are unaware of the intricacies of the body and how each part affects the health of various other parts.

The feet are a hotspot of nerve endings, paying attention to which we could heal many body ailments.

Either by using reflexology or acupressure, one could make sure that the body remains healthy from inside as well as outside.

Our feet are the essential support system for our body as it handles all our weight, all the time. Our gait (the system which defines the way we walk) has the feet at its core, its starting point.

We need to pay attention and take care of our feet as it goes a long way in preventing pain in the hips, knee, or back region.

There are 5 easy to do exercises focusing on the feet which help relieve back pain.

5 Feet Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Toe Presses

Our feet need warm ups just like our body before any physical exercise. Toe presses are an excellent way to do that as it works on our calf muscles which promotes stabilization in our bodies.

How to do:

Bend your knees in a standing position, and keep a grip on the floor with your toes. Hold this position for approximately 3 seconds. Release. Repeat this exercise in sets of 10, thrice daily.

Toe Walking

This exercise is very effective in strengthening some of the major muscles of the leg, them being the muscles of the toes and the ligaments and muscles around the ball of the feet.

How to do:

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