Did You Know What The Shape Of Your Breasts Tell About Your Personality?

Did You Know What The Shape Of Your Breasts Tell About Your Personality?


During the course of our lives our body changes, including the shape of our breasts. Especially during hormonal changes such as weight loss or gain, breastfeeding, etc. It is important to keep an eye on your breasts for any distinctive changes and to looks after them with a good supportive bra.

1/ Raisins

Shy and romantic, dreamy and sensitive, you seek before all the peace. In search of an ideal, you hate hypocrisy and incense loyalty.

2/ Green apples

Headstrong, determined, you rarely ask for help from others, because you feel capable of everything. However, you are rational and do not make decisions in a hurry. Passionate, you can be very spiritual, even if you do not necessarily show your sensitivity

3/ Cherries

Intellectual and refined, you value the arts and literature. Spiritual and intelligent, you have a natural sophistication, forming an integral part of your charm. Without being ultra-sociable, you are admired for your spirit and your personal successes. A little cold at first, you are very stable and with an admirable force.

4/ Lemons

The least we can say is that you know how to distinguish yourself. Without ever doing things like the others, you are modern, innovative and applied, when you do what you love. You are ready to shock the minds that disturb you, while keeping your style and class your own.

5/ Apricots

Great optimist, you are a dreamer above all. You always see the good side of things, even in difficult situations This quality has the gift of making you appreciated by your friends, who love your company. Slightly idealistic, you are shy but hide it very well and you also have a certain sense of humor.

6/ Pears

Fiery, passionate and courageous, your personality has the gift of impressing and attracting, too. A bit brutal for some, you always get what you want, even to jostle a bit on your way. Impulsive, you sometimes regret the things you say. A tender strand, you get annoyed easily, especially with people think you are slow or superficial.

7/ Mangoes

Generous and trustworthy, you have your heart on hand! Nice and easy going, people can always count on you in difficult times. Affectionate and friendly, you sometimes tend to put others ahead of you. Artist in the soul and dreamy at will, you love art, music, photography or painting. You do not judge others without knowing them and think twice before drawing conclusions

8/ Papayas

Sweet, sensitive, sometimes mischievous, you embody wisdom and dignity. You constantly seek to improve yourself and are thirsty to learn. Pacifist, you hate conflicts and prefer to avoid them.

9/ Melons

A bit naive sometimes, but far from being stupid, you are generous, and have confidence in people. Besides, you trust in people very easily, too much, perhaps. You hate hypocrisy and manipulation and do not forgive those that betray your trust. A little shy at first, you are full of hope and dreams. And also an excellent and hardworking friend.

10/ Volcanoes

Fiery and complex, you are very creative, popular and passionate. Full of life and charms, you also sometimes have your impulses of sadness, but attract naturally. The clarity in your ideas and confident in your shoes, you are in agreement with yourself. Smart and farsighted, you like to do things your way. But you also know how to be soft and tender.

11/ Water bottles

Dreaming and optimistic, you love challenges and are attracted by the unknown. Very sociable, you also like to have fun. Free and independent, you always have a smile and a good communicative mood. You are a real wellness diffuser!

12/ Tea sachets

Mysterious and secret, that does not mean that people can not count on you. Difficult to pin down, people tend to trust you. Because you are sensitive, a good listener and always give good advice. With some small problems of confidence, however (but like many of us), you are very selective. Perfectionist, you may look a little cold at first.

13/ Lotus flowers

You seem to be shining in society. Wherever you go, you’re always there to set the mood! Seductress with a very keen mind, you like to be the center of attention and hate to be in an inferior position. Adventurous at heart, you are thirsty for discoveries and hate routine


Did You Know What The Shape Of Your Breasts Tell About Your Personality?

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