8 Smart Comebacks for Dealing with Rude People to Shut Them Up Instantly

We’ve all dealt with rude people in our life, some of us deal with them on an everyday basis and as much as we don’t want their words to affect us, we all get annoyed sometimes. How many times have they asked you why aren’t you married yet or why don’t you have kids? When will you start losing weight or what are you going to do without a job? All of these hits below the belt can be quite upsetting and in many cases they just leave you with no comment and you end up feeling terrible. But when can you do when some people are just plain rude and mean?

Well, there are two options when dealing with this type of people, you either hit them back with their own poison or you fight them off with your politeness and dignity,

Here are 8 smart comebacks you can use for this type of people and questions:

Fight them off with a polite ‘thank you’

I know this may be hard, listening to someone being rude to you and responding them with a thank you, but it’s actually a very effective way to avoid being questioned the same again. You’ll catch them surprised and you may even embarrass them so next time they’ll know better.

So next time someone asks you why don’t you lose some weight, you just respond politely by saying thank you for your concerns but I’m just fine.

Respond by saying you appreciate their opinion

Instead of fighting off rude with rude, take the higher ground and teach them a lesson. You may have conflicting opinions on a certain topic, but unlike them you actually respect other people’s opinions, regardless of how different it may be from yours.

For example, when someone asks you why don’t you get a boyfriend or girlfriend, just tell them thanks for the advice, you appreciate it, but you’re simply fine and happy on my own.

Cut them off then and there

We’ve all been in a conversation when we feel that it’s not going anywhere and you’re slowly starting to lose your cool. Before things spiral out of control just change the topic and end the argument instantly. It’s better to stop when you’re ahead, than to say something you’ll regret later.

All you need to do when you find yourself in an endless discussion about contrasting opinions and attitudes, is say that you want to change the topic as you can see that this conversation isn’t going anywhere and you simply want to avoid arguing about meaningless things.

Ask them if they really had to say stuff like that and if they really need to hear what you have to say about it

This is the most polite way to tell someone to keep their nose out of their business, without being rude and actually saying it. It shows that you’re a cool and calm person and that you simply don’t want to dignify their question with an answer.

Written by Bugler

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