Your Date of Birth Is Not an Accident – Here’s How to Decode your Life Purpose

Your Date of Birth Is Not an Accident – Here’s How to Decode your Life Purpose

Finding your life path number can help you decode your life purpose, unleash your inner potential and find a place where you belong in this world.

There are ways to know the keys to finding your path in life and discovering the purpose which you have received when you were born. Identifying your life path number is one of those.

From time to time, you can’t help but wonder if you are on the right path towards discovering your purpose in life. When you have a clear connection with your higher self and know how to follow your own intuition, you usually know what your next step should be that would take you closer to realizing your purpose. Most people today seem lost and only crisis situations remind them about the need of spiritual self-discovery.

Everything is energy and each day has its own energy vibration and frequency. On the date of your birth, with the first breath, you have received a certain filter or imprint on how to interact with the energy field. Your brain has made the first impression of this world based on the energy-informational environment that you were born into. It became the base defining your strong and weak qualities, what motivates you in life and how you most likely to react in a certain situation.

How your birth date determines your purpose in life

There are several ways to describe the energy vibration a given date holds. You can do it through Astrology which describes the way other planets affect the energy field of the solar system. There is also Numerology which gives you a way to discover the meaning of numbers in your date of birth and the archetypes behind them. The numerology reading is probably not as popular as Astrology reading. However, it does offer insights and can help you discover your purpose in life as well.

Most numerologists agree that Pythagoras was the forefather of Numerology. He was probably the first known spiritual scientist who was able to connect the “symphony of cosmic energy” with the numbers. There is even a way to describe the evolution of consciousness through Numerology (see How Numerology Explains the Evolution of Consciousness).

According to Pythagoras, the meaning of numbers lies in the foundation of everything in the Universe. Men and women, living and non-living, as well as all other phenomena in the world, follow the laws of the energy field which can be described by numbers.

“Number rules the universe.”

― Pythagoras

Through numerology reading and understanding what energy vibration each number represents, you can find the keys that can help you on your road of self-discovery and even tap into the higher levels of consciousness.

Your date of birth is not an accident. Your higher self has chosen that date in order to connect a certain potential with the material world. Numerology reading and knowledge about your life path number can help you decode that potential and help you establish a clearer communication channel with your higher self.

How to calculate your life path number:

Your Life Path Number is one of the fundamental numbers in your numerology birth chart reading. It is also quite easy to calculate it yourself. All you have to do is add all the numbers in your birth date.

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