10 Classic Christmas Movies You Should Never Miss

10 Classic Christmas Movies You Should Never Miss

Christmas season is around the corner, have you any plans? Get busy to decorate your Christmas trees, find the most headache Christmas gifts, listening to Christmas music, Christmas parties, books and so on. You’ll get puzzled when thinking of all these kinds of stuff. Well, maybe you should relax your brain and enjoy some of the classical Christmas movies with your family.

As the holidays roll around again, it’s time to pull out the best holiday movie. One undeniable classic is Frank Capra’s 1946 film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” starring Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, and Henry Travers. A despairing businessman contemplates suicide on Christmas Eve, only to be rescued by a bumbling angel named Clarence who shows him how different the town would be if George had never been born. The value of a single life and the impact it can have on others is a timeless message that resonates even today in these economic hard times.

Other movies for kids at Christmas are “Miracle on 34th Street,” featuring Maureen O’Hara, Edmund Gwenn, and a young Natalie Wood. A skeptical little girl is not the only one who comes to believe in Santa Claus; her jaded mother rediscovers faith and trust in this 1947 film?

For those who want a little less sappiness and a tad more action in their holiday movies, there’s the 1988 blockbuster “Die Hard,” starring Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman. A lovelorn cop at an executive office Christmas party becomes an unsuspecting hero when he single-handedly defends the building from a terrorist attack. “Now I have a machine gun. 

There are few ways more fun to bring the family together for the holidays than with a classic film.

1. It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

It's A Wonderful Life

This film has become a staple of Christmas. Set in the imaginary town of Bradford just after World War II; George Baily gets the attention of his guardian angel, Clarence Odbody when he contemplates suicide on Christmas Eve. It is not only considered as one of the best Christmas movies, but also one of the 100 greatest movies ever made by the American Film Institute.

2. Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

Miracle on 34th Street

When a nice old man who claims to be Santa Claus is institutionalized as insane, a young lawyer decides to defend him by arguing in court that he is the real thing. Does Santa really exist? This movie makes you think twice about the existence of Kris Kringle. In this ageless flick, a department store Santa Claus challenges the city of New York to believe in the magic of Christmas.

3. White Christmas (1954)

White Christmas

Even if you haven’t seen this movie, you’ll surely have heard the famous song written by Irving Berlin, sung by Bing Crosby, the best-selling single of all time. The story tells about a successful song-and-dance team become romantically involved with a sister act and team up to save the failing Vermont inn of their former commanding general. You should never miss the outstanding feel-good musical with great performances.

4. A Christmas Story (1983)

A Christmas Story

Even if the criterion for greatest holiday movie was only how many catchphrases it’s generated, A Christmas Story might still finish on top: “You’ll shoot your eye out!” “I triple-dog-dare you!” Underneath the slapstick and jokes are a warm but unvarnished look at the frenzy that Christmas creates in children, and how, if you’re lucky, the holiday will show you what’s really important in life.

5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

It’s Christmas time and the world are preparing for a family seasonal celebration, but things never run smoothly for Clark, his wife Ellen and their two kids. Clark’s continual bad luck is worsened by his obnoxious family guests, but he manages to keep going knowing that his Christmas bonus is due soon. Highlights include a ridiculous, over-the-top Christmas light display; a sled-ride from Hell; and an intruding, terrifying squirrel incident.

6. Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone

No kids like to be left home alone on Christmas Eve while the other family members go for a Christmas trip. It’s every parent’s nightmare that bad guys come when the kid is home alone. The movie tells a boy named Kevin McCallister who successfully protected the house from two bad guys using booby traps. Macauley Culkin became a household name by playing Kevin in Home Alone 1-3. The moral: Crime doesn’t pay, especially on Christmas Eve.

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween Town, is bored with doing the same thing every year for Halloween. One day he stumbles into Christmas Town and is so taken with the idea of Christmas that he tries to get the resident bats, ghouls, and goblins of Halloween town to help him put on Christmas instead of Halloween – but alas, they can’t get it quite right.

8. Elf (2003)

Elf (2003)

A human being rose as one of Santa’s elves, have you ever thought of that? The story tells about a baby name Buddy who stowed away in Santa’s sack and was taken to the North Pole. He was raised by elves, but after inadvertently wreaking havoc on the elf community due to his ungainly size, he was sent to the U.S. in search of his true identity. But his father had no idea he was ever born. Will Buddy find the true family love in the end?

9. The Polar Express (2004)

The Polar Express

This file is an adoption of a children’s book with the same name published in 1985. This is the story of a young hero boy on Christmas Eve who boards on a powerful magical train that’s headed to the North Pole and Santa Claus’s home. What unfolds is an adventure that follows a doubting boy, who takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole; during this ride, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery which shows him that the wonder of life never fades for those who believe.

10. A Christmas Carol (2009)

A Christmas Carol

It is Jim Carrey’s first role in the Walt Disney Pictures film. Jim Carrey plays a multitude of roles, including Scrooge as a young, middle-aged, and old man, and the three ghosts who haunt Scrooge. The story is an adaption of Charles Dickson’s novel with the same name. Scrooge believed in “greed is good” and on the Eve 3 ghost chased him to show him respectively his past, the happiness of his fellow men on Christmas Day and the final consequences of his greed. Scrooge waked up on Christmas and embraced the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is a time of celebration. It is a time among the little joys of life. It is a time away from the worldly resolutions. It is a time towards wholeheartedness and admiration. It is a time for family. But more important it is the time for great movies. Christmas movies bring back to you the olden nostalgia that you can enjoy with your kids. I hope the above 10 Christmas movies will help you to sort out your list.

10 Classic Christmas Movies You Should Never Miss

Written by Bugler