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This Is What 17 Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Born as Women

Everybody has been talking about the role of women in this new, modern world. I have never looked at this world from the perspective of someone who acknowledges only this or that gender. However, the most recent “inspiring” speeches during the Oscar and Golden Globes awards opened the eyes of some people. We realized that this society is full of flaws; However, nobody wants to talk about it. And the problem doesn’t lie with a simple, common man but it seems like it is most noticeable with the richest people. And it all began in Hollywood. That is why the Hollywood is going to be in the main focus of our interest for today.

What if we put all those alpha males (we are not saying that they are bad) in the female’s shoes. Have you ever wondered how would some of the most famous actors look like as females? Well, we found some of the results of the face swapping app which basically puts one face to another head and body. See the results!


Ryan Gosling

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This guy actually looks good as a female too! And if you look closely, you will see that he (strangely) looks like his co-star from the “Notebook”, Rachel McAdams.


Leonardo DiCaprio

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This app turned the hero from “Titanic” into a good looking woman. It kept the shape of his face, and the color of his eyes, but it gave him fuller lips and bigger eyes.

Vladimir Putin

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Well, he would still look like a politician.

Donald Trump

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He actually looks like a young blonde housewife from some suburb area.

Christian Bale

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Well, I can imagine the female version of Christian Bale as some sort of a superhero. Maybe even the Wonder Woman!

George Clooney

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Well, we finally know what George Clooney would look like as a woman. And he would’ve been a beautiful woman.

Jason Statham

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Well, we shouldn’t discuss anything about the taste… but I don’t think that this man could ever be mistaken for a woman… that strong gaze and tough jaw-line are only good for a good action movie.


Bradley Cooper

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Written by Bugler