3 Exercise 4-Weeks Big Butt Challenge

Get a Beautiful Butt in 3 Weeks

One important part of feeling confident and beautiful is learning to love your body as it is. For many of us, this means learning to love our curves. Partly thanks to body positive movements, bigger, shapelier butts are finally getting the appreciation they deserve.

How To Do The Exercise

The 3 simple exercises and you will get bubbly bigger butt. Do these 3 exercises for approximately a month. And you will notice the unbelievable results. Our butt has three types of muscles and therefore there are three exercises. Each exercise strengthens each muscle.  The three magical exercises are as follow.

  • Maximus muscle needs lunges work to strengthen it
  • Medimus (middle muscle) needs jumping jack work to strengthen it
  • Minimus muscle needs squats to work for strengthening it.

1. Jumping Jack

Many trainers use this exercise to warm up their clients. It is perfect for beginners and also strengthens your medimus muscle in your butt. All you have to do is to stand straight and leave your arms free alongside. And then jump in the air by pulling the hands upward.

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