A Japanese Buddhist Master Reveals 21 Rules of Life That Will Blow Your Mind

A Japanese Buddhist Master Reveals 21 Rules of Life That Will Blow Your Mind

Many of us struggle to find peace and learn to live every moment. Instead, we are being distracted by the problems of the past or future. As a result, we live with anxiety and endless problems that are going through our head.

It is not easy. We can’t sleep well nor enjoy peace. In addition, we choose to avoid the problems and hide all those emotions. In the end, it makes it worse. We are filled with negative energy, fear, and instability.

Therefore, we can’t feel comfortable in our own skin. So, what can we do?

Miyamoto Mushashi’s 21 Rules of Life

Miyamoto Mushashi is Japan’s greatest swordsman. Before his death, he wrote 21 rules of life. Each rule tells you how you can accept the circumstances in life and detach yourself from the negative outside forces.

If you follow these rules, you will be able to be in complete control over yourself and feel comfortable with you really are. Furthermore, the only we to be successful is to use these rules continuously.

In other words, you have to change your attitude and actions completely. Here are the rules that can show you how you can rewire your brain.

1. Complaint and Resentment Are Not Appropriate for You or for Others

Complaining won’t get you anywhere. Without proper action, you only fill yourself with toxic energy. As a result, you can’t control yourself. However, you can control how people react to your actions and what they do to change them.

Therefore, you have to stop complaining and sharing resentment to the people around you.

2. Don’t Strive for Good Food

Don’t eat something that tastes good. Instead, eat something that is both healthy and nourishing. This way you can separate yourself from addiction, cravings, and attachment. Including drugs and alcohol.

3. Don’t Keep What You Don’t Need

All that unnecessary clutter in your life doesn’t benefit you in the slightest. That is why you should have what you need. Throw away everything you will never use.

4. Accept Life Just the Way It Is

Acceptance is a crucial attitude that can help you overcome all the challenges in life. This state of mind allows you to be tolerant, calm, and loving. Therefore it can help you overcome every obstacle life throws at you.

5. Don’t Seek Pleasure

We always want more. That is our human nature. However, when we start seeking pleasure for pleasure’s sake, we enter an endless loop of temporary desire. As a result, we can’t satisfy our need for more, so we seek new experiences that can bring that pleasure.

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