A Dead Whale Just Washed Ashore. GUESS what They Found In Its Belly ?

Recently, a sperm whale was found dead near the coast of Spain. After inspecting its cause of death, 60 different types of plastic were found in its belly. These plastic pieces were thrown by greenhouses that supply to Aldi, which is the main company of Trader Joe.


It was really a tragic scene; it’s really difficult to believe that such a massive whale weighing over 4.5 tons was killed by a comparatively puny 17 kg of plastic, which also consisted of sheets used to cover greenhouses.


Aldi is completely responsible for the death of this whale, however until there are restrictions about dumping of plastic wastes in random places, this will continue. It is necessary that the public takes immediate steps to remind Aldi to dump plastic wastes properly, since these sperm whales are in constant danger. Only about 1000 are left near the Mediterranean region, and if no steps are taken, they might soon go extinct. Swallowing these huge chunks of non-degradable plastic will surely kill them, only because industries didn’t want to spend a tiny portion of their profits on disposing waste properly.


Another thing to consider is the plastic bags used by supermarkets. They need to dump them properly and not in the seas and oceans. And this has been continuing for several years now. However, we have been able to make changes to policies of huge supermarket chains, such as Tesco and Trader Joe.


Our supermarket chains could easily ensure that plastics used to grow our fruit and vegetables are disposed of correctly and recycled. But so far, they are walking away and counting their profits — and as they do, our oceans and seas are dying. Let’s not let another whale die from too much plastic.

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