8 Incredible Ways to Increase Your Intelligence!

Increase Intelligence

For ages, it has been thought that people are born with a certain level of intelligence. But, researchers have now found that you can elevate this potential and become more intelligent. In fact, learning new skills can help your brain build new neural pathways, which allow it to work better and faster.

8 Incredible Ways to Increase Your Intelligence:

– Read a good book

Reading helps reduce stress and expand all 3 types of intelligence, such as emotional, crystallized and fluid. This can help with better navigate everyday life, putting different pieces of knowledge together, problem-solving, understanding processes, finding patterns, and interpreting and responding to the emotions of others.

– Learn to play a musical instrument

Did you know that playing music can help boost analytical skills, creativity, fine motor skills, math, language, and intelligence? Namely, playing a musical instrument helps boost the corpus callosum that helps connect the hemispheres of your brain.

In addition, this can result in enhanced memory, brain function, problem-solving and executive skills.

– Play sports

Playing and watching sports is an excellent way to feel better with your outer and inner self, and make friends. Moreover, it is an incredible way of socializing and exercising at the same. Whether it is football, rugby, or ice hockey, following a team is an amazing way to strike up a conversation.

– Meditate

The main idea of meditation is that your brain can develop more as well as you can do it on purpose. Many activities can stimulate different areas of your brain, which means you can work on becoming unbeatable at your powers and enhancing your weaknesses. Furthermore, focus self-improvement on the mind is a great idea for those who think that they are at their professional peak, entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals that want to maximize their potential.

– Work out your brain

Card games, video games, board games, sudoku, riddles, puzzles, and similar activities help elevate neuroplasticity. Additionally, this can stimulate a variety of changes in neural pathways and synapses, which are basically the ability of your brain to be reorganized. If your nerve cells respond in alternative ways, this helps boost neuroplasticity, thus allowing you to view things from different perspectives as well as understand the effect and cause of emotions and behaviors.

– Learn a new language

You can improve your memory and increase your intelligence by learning a new language. Many studies have shown that those who speak 2 languages can solve puzzles more easily compared to people that speak only 1 language. Learning a new language enables your brain to more effectively perform each mentally demanding task, such as problem-solving or planning.

Being bilingual can also enhance your skills to direct your attention to a process as well as monitor your environment.

– Test your cumulative learning

A large number of students in college and high school study too much for their finals. However, the truth is that they usually forget these things fast later as they are rarely required to recall that knowledge in the same way. Learning a new language can boost your intelligence as it requires cumulative learning. As you recall your knowledge of a language, the vocabulary and grammar you learn are repeated too often as you try to enhance your foreign language skills.

– Get regular exercise

In fact, occasional exercise on your own will not do the trick. You should exercise on a regular basis, particularly in a team, because it is better than occasional intense workouts. When you get regular exercise, your cells are filled with a protein known as BDNF, which helps strengthen your memory, understanding, concentration, focusing, and learning.

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