7 Tell-Tale Signs of a Genuine Friendship

7 Tell-Tale Signs of a Genuine Friendship

We live in a digital era where social media and the internet dictate our lives and inline friends are in bigger numbers than our real friends. In a time like this, it’s really hard to build real friendships, ones that are built on respect, support and true and genuine care for one another. These kinds of friendships are hard to find in today’s world, so if you have friends like these you need to hold on to them tight.

Is there a way you can tell whether the friendship you’ve made is a true, genuine one or a fake one?  Below you’ll find 7 tell-tale signs that will tell you your friendship is real.

7 Tell-Tale Signs of a Genuine Friendship

They accept you for who you are

True friends accept you for who you are, flaws and all. They won’t try to change you or shape you into something you’re not. They’ll accept your flaws and imperfections and love you even more for them. However, they won’t always agree with you, but at least you’ll know that you have a true friend who will tell you the truth and never lie to you. They will see the positive traits you have and help you evolve and become an even better person.

They’re happy for your accomplishments

True friends will never feel jealous of your successes, on the contrary, they will root for you and be happy when you achieve your goals. If you want to distinguish your true friends from the fake ones, just notice who’s around when you celebrate your accomplishments. The fake friends won’t be able to bear to look at you, while the genuine ones will always be by your side.

They’re with you in happiness and in sorrow

True friends are seen in difficult times so that’s when you’ll spot your most genuine friends. The people who love you will stick by your side and provide support in your darkest hour, they will lend you help and just be there for you whenever you need them. Fake friends, on the other hand, will bail on you the moment it gets rough and never look back.

You feel happy when you’re with them

When you’re around your true friends you feel vibrant, happy and excited about the mere fact that you’re alive. Fake friends drain your energy and make you feel tense and stressed. Genuine friendships are easy and simply, they make you feel comfortable and you feel like you can do or say anything without worrying about appearances. A true friend will make you feel good about life.

They’ll always give you the harsh truth

A true friend will not sugar coat things for you, they will give you the harsh truth, even if you don’t want to hear it. At first, it may have annoyed you, but with time, you’ve seen it’s the best trait a friend can have. You appreciate them for this and you want to keep them in your life because they’re the only ones who give you this treatment.

They don’t talk behind your back

A true friend will never talk behind your back or gossip about you with your other friends. If they have a problem with you, they will act mature and confront you about it. Real friends are respectful of their friends’ feelings and know that gossiping is hurtful. They respect you too much to tarnish your reputation and spread rumors and would never do it, no matter how angry or upset they are with you.

They know how to forgive your mistakes

A true friend knows that you’re not perfect and that you’ll make mistakes eventually. They can forgive and forget the eventual slip-up and won’t hold it against you. When you’re with them you feel like you can be yourself and even if you make a mistake, you know they’ll be able to forgive you. They know you have good intentions and that the mistakes you’ve made are not intentional. They will put it behind you and never remind you of them again.

7 Tell-Tale Signs of a Genuine Friendship

Written by salmon Berry